Hayward Labs/et browne - Interviewing Practices

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2013 at 2:09pm CDT by James A.

Product: Interviewing practices

Company: Hayward Labs/et browne

Location: rr 447 east stroudsburg, Pa

URL: www.palmers.com

Category: Job, Career

I was interested in a line lead position and had to go through a temp agency. I went to the agency and filled out the neccesary paperwork which included some tests. I was called the next day and told I had an interview Wednesday. I went to that interview with a man named Len and it was short and very chaotic.Len asked if I was interested in a material handler position that pays a couple dollars an hour less and I said no. After the interview, I drove 50 minutes home and as I was getting out of my truck, the temp agency called saying Hayward wants me back at the temp agency for another test. They insisted it was right away. I got back in my truck and drove 50 minutes to the temp agency that is literally down the street from Hayward only to find out that they can't find the online test. After waiting some time, I was told to go home and Hayward will email me the test at home. Another 50 minute ride home. I received the test that night and took it. I received a call Friday from Len asking if he offered me the warehouse position. I told him yes he did but I said no thanks. He asked why and I told him it pays less. Len told me no, warehouse manager pays way more. I told him he offered me material handler. Len went into a panic saying he shouldn't do 3 interviews at once and told me he's setting up an interview for warehouse manager and when I come in, I should lie to the interviewer and tell them he offered me the manager position and I declined but I changed my mind. That didn't sit well. The following week I had an interview with Karen. She was passionate about her job and asked many questions. I was told I had to meet with Kathy next but she was on vacation the following week. Two weeks later I got a phone call from Len on Wednesday and was told I had an interview that Friday at 11:00. A short time later I was called again by Len telling me to change it to 11:15. Later that day, I received an email telling me I had to write an S.O.P. on loading a trailer. I did so and emailed it back. I went Friday, interviewed with Scott, then Suzanne and finally Kathy. After that, I took two more tests. I asked Kathy when they were going to make a decision and she stated they were meeting Friday afternoon. I didn't think I was being too forward, afterall, at this point we were at 4 weeks. I received no call Friday so I called Monday afternoon. I spoke to Len and he stated they weren't moving forward with me and had no explaination why. I emailed asking what went wrong. I took multiple tests, interviewed with 5 people, drove to East Stroudsburg 5 times and get no reason why. I got an arrogant email back from Kathy stating they weren't obligated to tell me why. In my opinion, this series of events shows Hayward Labs is a rotten company.


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