Lynd World/Limestone Apartments - Office Staff that Steals and the Management Company Welcomes It

Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 at 3:46pm CDT by 11c90a69

Company: Lynd World/Limestone Apartments

Location: 14723 W Oaks Plaza Houston, TX 77082
HOUSTON, TX, 77082, US


Category: Real Estate

The new management company is the absolute worse. They have someone in the office who steals resident packages. I had a package stolen and the management company did not assist me whatsoever. Ive never been late or been troublesome, so I found it appalling that I was being treated so rudely.

Do NOT move here. Lynd sucks, Michaelson(the previous management company) was wonderful.

Im leaving here in a month. I rather pay $200 more in rent, then rent from these thieves.

Also, there are stray cats, roaches, disrespectful kids, teens smoking weed in the breezeway, constant domestic violence, outdated kitchens and slow maintence. Not worth the rent or time.

If you do decide to rent here for some unfortunate not sign the package release. Their employees will steal it and the apartments will not care one bit. They're disgusting.


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