Toronto Western Hospital - Impulsive nurse who is ignorant

Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 at 2:01am CDT by 4cc4a046

Product: Elaine Patterson

Company: Toronto Western Hospital

Location: 399 Bathurst Street, West Wing, 4th Floor


Category: Health, Beauty

One day I visit this hospital called the Toronto Western Hospital, for an appointment with my doctor, when all of a sudden, I forgot to bring my doctor's directions and ended up somewhere on the 4th floor of the Toronto Western Hospital.

I then come across this White lady, who has Auburn coloured hair and is a bit fat by the name of Elaine Patterson and I gently asked her directions to my doctor's office.

But before I could ask her, she then yelled at me and said "Who are you? do you have an appointment?" I then answered her rude questions and finally had a chance to ask her where my doctor's office was located with a soft and quicker voice this time so that she could not cut me off again.

She then sarcastically and rudely told me "What do I look like to you? your assistant? you should figure it out yourself lady!." She then went to her desk and I just stood there embarassed and confused figuring out what just happened and why was she so rude to me?

She then had the nerve to stare back at me and say "You are still here? what do you want?" I then bursted out in anger and told her "What kind of nurse are you? you are not friendly with your patients. You ought to be fired!."

Elaine Patterson then yelled at me and said "I am calling security!" so I retreated down the hallway terrified by this lady until another good samaritan nurse came to me and helped me find the location of my doctor's office.

This lady, Elaine Patterson, is very impulsive and terrifying. She does not look like a nurse and should probably be working as a prison guard. What is wrong with her? I didn't threaten her or anything and she had the nerve to call security on me? for what? scolding her and telling her what she is doing was wrong? maybe security should come and detain her for being obnoxious and rude. I will file a complaint with the ministry of health since she verbally abused and threatened me.


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