Last Minute Travel Club - Bait and Switch

Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 at 10:54am CDT by Gary H.

Product: Travel and Vacation

Company: Last Minute Travel Club

Location: Unknown


Category: Travel, Vacations

Me and my wife booked a 4 night wedding anniversary trip with Last Minute Travel Club, (website:, they charged my VISA credit card in advance $872.49 and guaranteed a resort suite with Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort in Miami, FL, from March 15 - March 19, 2013 and boy was I in for a huge disappointment.

When we arrived at the resort at 10:30 PM on March 15, the receptionist told me and my wife our guaranteed room was taken even though my credit card was already charged and the room was booked. I tried calling Last Minute Travel and I was on hold for 30 minutes or more after calling several times, I gave up. The resort told me and my wife they would have to send us to another hotel since our room was taken and they would pay for the room at the other hotel, we were obviously angry at this point because it was now after 12 midnight.

When we arrived at the other hotel via cab, it was a one star hotel and being renovated versus the four stars resort we had booked via Last Minute Travel. The $109 fee for this one star hotel room was paid by the previous resort Newport Beachside; it was now almost 1AM in the morning. I and my wife were beyond insulted at this point because the room we got was outdated, lumpy mattress, leaky toilet, paper thin walls, we got only about 3 hrs sleep. I tried calling Last Minute Travel again with no success, the hold was still exceeding 30 minutes and I would just hang up. I did not reach a representative with Last Minute Travel Club, (website: until 8AM Saturday morning.

Once I did reach a Last Minute Travel Club, (website:, they took my information and I was told they would resolve my problem with the resort hotel, and would give me a call back within an hour, but no one called us back until we called Last Minute Travel Club back after 2 hrs of waiting, and they still had no answer on what happened to our room. At this point in our horrible trip we had already worked with the Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort to make sure we had had a room for the remaining 3 days.

By Saturday evening we had not heard anything back from Last Minute Travel Club (website:, we decided to call again and we were told by the Last Minute Travel Club representative ?what did we want them to do about not getting our guaranteed room?, and we said we want a Full Credit for the average daily amount we paid already for a Four Star Resort room which was $218 a day which would total the $872 my credit card was charged over 4 days, along with any INCONVIENCE. Our last day on Monday in Miami I called Last Minute Travel Club and I was told our credit card would be credited $109, I asked the Last Minute Travel Club representative how did they come to that amount, and I was told that was the price of the replacement one star hotel we stayed at versus the four star resort we had paid for with our credit card. I told the Last Minute Travel Club Rep, that we are still owed an additional $109 or a total of $218 because that?s what the daily rate was at the 4 stars resort we paid for and we did not get a comparable hotel, let alone we never got the room the first night we paid for in advance. To add insult to injury, Last Minute Travel Club (website:, never called us back to explain what happened to our guaranteed room the first night, we never got any email explanation, and we never got a letter of apology for not getting a room the first night. I and my wife have since tried to make other consumers aware of this bait and switch or rooms that are not actually guaranteed yet your credit card is charged. We are still seeking a Full Refund for the one night of the 4 stars resort we paid in advance for versus the one star hotel we got.


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