Aqualux Products Limited - Failed/broken shower screen

Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 at 11:32am CDT by John P.

Product: Aqualux PURA 4 shower screen

Company: Aqualux Products Limited

Location: Universal Point, Steelmans Road, Off Park Lane


Category: Products, Services

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having purchased an Aqualux PURA 4 bath shower screen in 2010 the product failed this year at 3 years old.

The product when purchased was advertised as having a lifetime warranty.

it now seems that Aqualux Products Ltd are claiming this to be limited to manufacturing faults only.

the product has failed due to corrosion and resulting breakage of a flange into which a screw fixes. The screw thread goes beyond the length of the flange and into the main body of the metal it is fixing. However the screws are too short and do not screw further than part way into the flange result in stress on the flange and over time subsequent breakage. This would appear to be in keeping with a manufacturing fault having used screws that are too short.

I have found it impossible to get Aqualux to engage in any discussion on this. Their whole customer service department seems to be set up to immediately refute any customer claim or complaint and to effectively put the shutters up to any communication.

In my opinion this is a very bad company to deal with, with one of the worst customer service departments I have ever had to del with.


ec805ac7, 2014-05-03, 09:14AM CDT

I've had an awful experience purchasing & installing an Aqualux cubicle , I have written a letter of complaint & email and still awaiting a response ! Wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on .

John P., 2014-05-04, 01:58PM CDT

I'm sorry to say that in my experience Aqualux is a very disreputable company and their staff behave in a way that indicates much experience in fending off complaints such that you will never receive any customer service at all.

If I weren't so busy in my business life I would have pursued things legally.

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