Acordia Theraputics - drug company cancels public presentations

Posted on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 at 7:16pm CDT by Steve S.

Product: drugs for treatment of fMS

Company: Acordia Theraputics

Location: 420 Saw Mill River Road
ARDSLEY, NY, 10502, US

Category: Health, Beauty

Acordia Theraputics is the marketer of a medication which they claim may be helpful to patients suffering from MS.

To promote their drug Ampyra, Acordia Theraputics conducts informational meetings supposedly open to interested individuals. Those wishing to attend are requested to register in advance by telephone or on the internet. Those registering are asked to provide contact information, either e-mail, phone number or both.

This evening we drove nearly 40 miles only to be told that the event had been canceled. This was a disappointment and waste of time. As a person over 75 years of age and with limited mobility this was a gross imposition on me. If the company had any empathy for the ill or aged, they could or should have contacted me to advise the program had been canceled.

I decided to give the Ampyra people a second chance, some time ago we registered for another informational presentation and again after driving a considerable distance were turned away at the door because ?all the seats were taken.? I noted that we had made reservations for the event but were told ?we don?t keep reservation lists,? the reason cited was ?patient confidentiality.? That's stupid,have a reservation lists under those circumstances?

Anyone being invited to a presentation for the medication Ampyra, touted for MS should be wary of whether the presentation will be held or whether they will be admitted even with a reservation.

Acordia Theraputics leaves a lot to be desired in their dealing with the public. I, for one, will never respond to any future invitation hosted by them. Who knows? Maybe their medication is more effective than their means of dealing with the public. I will never know, after two bad experiences I won?t have anything to do with them.


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