MatchMaker-MatchMaker - HARVEY LUNA matchmaker

Posted on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 12:15pm CDT by b4801b0e

Product: DATING services

Company: MatchMaker-MatchMaker

Location: 1846 I 10 south Suite 210 Beaumont, TX. 77707 USA

Category: Online Scams

Will you be charged 10,000.00 or almost free. " They just need your body" Ha...

This tag team DATING SCAM is a high pressure sale.

1)NO real Client DATA BASE

2)Fee based on how much they can scam you for.

3)They tell you your "PICKER" is Broken... so you need them.

4)They tell you they have access to people you would never meet or have access to on your own.

5)They tell you they can have you in a serious relationship with in 3 dates.

6)They claim to be professional matchmakers who will constantly be working for you to find your perfect match.

7)They say their personality evalutation takes all the emotional decisions out.

8)They added a "Marriage clause" stating if marriage was proposed they would ask the man to pay a finders fee of $1000.00

9)They ask what you want in a mate and never use that informaation to find your match.

10)If you are a substancial woman they use you as BAIT to attract Big DOLLAR spenders...

11)Once they get your MONEY you just got scammed.

12) NO refunds... NO SERVICE.

13) They will tell you the MEN will spend at least $200.00 per date on you to coerce you.

14)They PRETEND they are CHRISTIANs and that 80% of their clients are also.

15)They will USE ANYTHING to make you feel SECURE and to TRUST them!!!

16)He and his beautiful wife Jennifer TAG TEAM you.

17)They will call you constantly until they get you to come in.

18)They ask you to refer your friends...

19)They do not tell you who refered you so you can check it out.

20)If you don't like their Match they belittle you.

21) SOUTHEAST TEXAS SINGLES 409 347-7567 is his new SCAM in our area..

Red and White signs everywhere....

22) google him numerous complaints are registered online in TX and other states.

23) SMALL towns are his target SCAM market...

24) MatchMaker website is ALWAYS under construction!!!

My top 4 criteria disregarded:

1) Christian

2) Healthy

3) NO young children

4) Location

Ist referral, man was too old, old looking & w/ health issues, had young children, out of state and in a place I told them I did not want to live.

2nd referral, man was a custodial parent with a very young child, atheist, HE was NOT with MATCHMaker data base!

This contract started in November 2012 and It is NOW... MAY 2013.

I have received NO more referrals.

I paid $2495.00... you read it correctly, TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE D O L L A R S.... for 2 dates they were the opposite of everything I wanted...

PLEASE do NOT fall for this scam or any HARVEY LUNA or JENNIFER LUNA scams.

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9e048e96, 2013-05-09, 11:27PM CDT

I honestly don't even recognize the company you are talking about in the above complaint. Matchmaker Matchmaker has been very successful in achieving happiness for many, many people. There goal is to make the members happy and the staff is always available to speak about any issues that one may have. Please reach out and communicate rather then slander and unjustifiably degrade them with all these untruths.

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