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Posted on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 10:05am CDT by 8f0240dc

Product: Hair Extensions

Company: izihair

Location: CN

URL: www.hairextensionbuy.com

Category: Health, Beauty

if i were you. i wouldnt give this company your money. A friend and i ordered hair extensions and got it 2 weeks later. (website listed it as 5-7 bussiness days) we didnt complain. When it came i was shocked. i ordered blonde hair #6 and it was dark brown??? My friends hair was a dark black when she ordered a lighter black but it still worked for her. but for mine i needed to change it to an actual blonde. i was hesitant as i read reviews online that they dont even send you anything back. i told them i wanted to exchange the item and they said no it takes too long to process. . . . if you want you can have a $5 discount???? really. . . .thats not really a professional response and i paid way more than $5 can compensate. so i responded that i would not exept their $5 and wanted to do an exchange. (btw my friend really liked hers so far)

AND Stupid me, i ordered another extension set online because i was very impatient and paid express shipping. waiting a week and half and my shipping status was still at processing.

i contacted them at [email protected] and this was their actual response.

well, sorry for the delay reply, we have already checked the record for this order, because you contacted us before said you want to exchange the item, we confused, so the workers here paused the order and send emails back to confirm it with you or anything return, just forget that, and we have inform the manufacture to process your order now, it will be available for shipping in the next 5-7 business days, once it will be shipped out,we will contact you back to confirm that, please do not worry about it!

Best regards,


hmm. that doesnt make sense. why would i purchase a new set and pay for express shipping if i didnt want them right away. . . . ??? I found it very unprofessional, rude and this had very poor grammer. . .

i asked them to cancel my order as i will not wait another 5-7 days for them to actually ship my order than who knows how long that will take me. . .

hope no one has to go through the headache i have with this company.


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48b64dcb, 2013-10-31, 05:53PM CDT

I bought deep wave closure natural hair and I got a synthetic hair instead i need to know why pls .thanks

Genesis T., 2015-02-28, 06:58PM CST

My extensions took about 4 days extra to arrive. Right after opening (today) they started to shed like crazy. I ordered a set a week before this and it still hasn't arrived. In fact I just got an email saying it was just sent from their factory... Those are my complaints. BTW, they never answer their phone.

Catherine S., 2016-01-19, 05:31PM CST

It happend the same for me, they send me fake hairs, pretending like "it's impossible this is real hairs", yes i'am an idiot, i can see when after one week of use the hairs are like the ones of my barbie of 2years ago, and their solution was to: send them back in china the product

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