Raceway - Higher prices for gas than advertised

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 3:03pm CDT by Ronny K.

Company: Raceway

Location: 6225 Garth RD Baytown TX

Category: Products, Services

I pulled in to fill up with gas for the advertised price of 3.27 per gallon only to find out they were charging 3.39 per gallon, when I complained the clerk was rude and informed me someone was changing the billboard price, another customer was complaining when I went in saying she had filled up 10 minutes prior and only noticed the pump price after she filled up. Raceway needs to be held reliable for their stores advertisements, if the price was going up to 3.39 then Raceway needs to change the advertised price first then the pump price, other wise they are breaking the law falsely advertising the price of their gas. I for one will no longer do business with a company that practices business in such a manner.


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