KyLyn TV - Unacceptable Billing/Refund Process

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 9:48am CDT by Madeleine G.

Company: KyLyn TV

Location: US


Category: Entertainment

There is no any business merchant in this country that will take more than 5 months to process a $50 refund, except KyLinTV. By the way I still have not received yet. If you are considering sign up with KyLinTV service, I STRONGLY recommend you to read this before you make your decision:

I have subscribed KyLinTV services for about 3 years and decided to terminate the service in Dec. 2012. They continued to charge my credit card in Jan. 2013 with amount of $189. After numerous phone calls and follow up with their customer services, $189 was finally refunded in mid of Mar. 2013. Meanwhile I sent back the 'yellow box' (modem) in Jan. 2013 for a $50 deposit refund and was told it will be processed in Feb. billing cycle. Up to this day, May 06, 2013, I am still fighting for the refund. I called numerous times and spend a lot of time waiting on line and was always told it will be processed in the next billing cycle. When I called in Feb, they said it will be processed in Mar. They said it will be Apr when I called in Mar. This morning they said it will be in mid of May ?for sure?.

I was on the phone this morning with customer service representative id # 6015 for more than 8 minutes just to spell my first name and last name. He was not able to get the right spelling of my English name. For a while I thought it was a phone scam set up to test my patience, except it was a lot worse than the real phone scam set up.

I will continue to call and share their unacceptable business practice behavior on all the websites I can possibly find.

By the way, the customer services rep who normally responds to the online complaints is never reachable at the phone number she listed.


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