Robert Ford Majestic Media Solutions - Took Money Didn't Provide Services

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 5:23pm CDT by Carey H.

Product: TV Commercials / Airtime

Company: Robert Ford Majestic Media Solutions

Location: 3104 Moss Lane
VIOLET, LA, 70092, US

Category: Business, Finances

Robert Ford of Majestic Media Solutions with two locations Atlanta (5675 Pennybrook Court, Stone Mountain, GA 30076 -BTW this is not a valid business address but is listed on the company's estimate sheet 678-427-6627) and (3104 Moss Lane, Violet, LA 70092 504 875-0861) email address: [email protected]

On March 25, 2012 Robert Ford of Majestic Media Solutions and I made a contract for him to purchase 16 TV commercials for my business on Fox 5 Atlanta and 11 Alive NBC in Atlanta. He accepted my money. The commercials were contracted to run April 1-5, 2013. After numerous excused and delays on why my commercials hadn't run, Robert Ford notified me on April 23, 2013 that 14 of my spots had run. I was suspicious and contacted the TV stations direct and learned that Robert Ford had only purchased one spot that was on my contract. He lied about the other 14 spots he never purchased them. Once I caught him in the lie he said he would return my money but as of today's date (May 6, 2013) I have not heard from him. He has deleted me from his Facebook friend.


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