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Posted on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at 5:00pm CDT by raja r.

Product: abel loyola

Company: phone number 469 767 0833

Location: US

Category: Home, Garden

Abel loyola was my lawn mower . I only have his phone number (469 767 0833) In April i asked him if he can plant some flowers in my garden if i buy him the flowers. so we went to irving home depot and we bought many flowers , organic soil and fertilizer totalling upto $197 USD. The flowers, organic soil were all loaded in Abel's Van at home depot. My house is just opposite Home Depot. When i reached home for One hour Abel and his van did not show up. Then i had to go somewhere so i asked him to plant all the flowers in my front yard. he asked me for a payment of $150. which i paid promptly. I came home late that night and next morning when i checked my front yard. most of the flowers were just loosely sitting on the ground. and then some of the rose plants died. at least two of them. Abel bought 3 bags of organic soil but didnt use it at all it seems. he did not dig up to turn the existing soil, which he should have because coppell soil is very bad quality. Abel did a very hurried and a lousy job by loosely putting all the flowers on the existing mulch. he did not even dig 1 inch to plant the flowers. after that he is not picking up my phone. Today i had to again go to THD to buy soil, fertilizer and some plants and had to replant most of the plant that i paid abel to do.i feel cheated. i need help


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