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Posted on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at 12:32pm CDT by Lori H.

Company: verizon

Location: US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

So back in October 2012. I called verizon to inform them that I had no dial tone I was told I could have a tech come out to take a look I asked how much that would cost me since I did not have the inside wiring insurance. He told me it would not cost me anything to just take a look but if any repairs would have to be done I would then be informed of the charges and that I could decline the work if there had to be any work done. Well when he got there my phone was working just fine for whatever reason so he was on his way he did not have me sign any papers nor did he leave me with any papers. So come November 2013 I get a bill with a $91 chargeI have called verizon several times over the last 6 months got a different story every time so I called again today the not so nice supervisor connected me to tech support as we were both on the line with the man from the tech department he said the man that came out to my home did not say what he did " which was nothing by the way" but all it said was that he did come out. So now I am stuck with this $91 bill that I find completely unfair and there's nothing I can do about it. I hope after reading this you will choose another company not only are they a rip off but most if the people that work there are very rude and do not know how to do there job right.

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2f922a02, 2013-06-18, 09:45AM CDT

What you do is to dispute the charge. Send a letter to the corporate office disputing the charge and demanding that they remove the $91 fee. Then file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and if its still not resolved, File a complaint with the Public Utility Commission. Please do not just let this sit thinking it will go away. You will end up in Collections and possibly with this affecting your credit if you don't pay it. Fight Back.

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