Advance Auto Parts - Shoddy advice

Posted on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at 5:42pm CDT by Mike


Company: Advance Auto Parts

Location: Center St.
AUBURN, ME, 04210, US

Category: Products, Services

Having ordered exhaust parts online for store pick up, I was in need of an adapter to complete purchase. I sought the advice of a salesperson at store who assured me that the additional part I was purchasing would be suffice to finish job.

The part was an adapter which would be used to reduce the pipe size. the saleperson stated that it was already crimped and I should have no problem. Well I did have a issue --exhaust gases leaked by. I will need to replace all the parts installed.

Upon calling customer service at Advance, they effectivly told me that they were not responsible for "bad" advice -- it was my responsiblilty as the installer.

They could not grasp the concept that their "professional" indicated that the part would be adaquate.

If they do not know---admit it

Do not make statements your Company will not back up.

For $60 -- Advance has lost a customer.

Great custommer service ----what a JOKE


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