Florez Engineering - Mr. Bob Krtek

Posted on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 at 1:15pm CDT by Robert K.

Company: Florez Engineering

Location: 10732 Charbono Terrace
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92131, US

URL: www.florezengineering.com

Category: Products, Services

I hired this company to move my rear property line back 50'. This would normally take 3 months and 3 reviews to complete per the City of San Diego. It took them ll 1/2 months and ll reviews to complete the task. The work product kept getting rejected by the City of San Diego's Development Services Department. Florez Engineering used the City's review process to correct the errors. I had to deposit $2000 with the City to cover the costs of the reviews and since it wasn't done in a timely and correct fashion I had to deposit another $4000 to cover all the rejections. Very poor engineering company. Call them if like answering machine conversations. Florez Engineering 10732 Charbono Terrace San Diego. Phone (858) 229-2493. Or check out their website - www.florezengineering.com


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