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Posted on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 at 1:03am CDT by 3e3ddea5

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I have domain registered at paypal payment method. when it almost expired I try to transfer it to other registar just to make me more easy to manage my domains. so I ask the authority code for this domain it takes 4-5 to get response. But after 5 days did not give Authcode for "suspicious activity". I try to re asking it and same problem that i get "suspicious activity". I try to open support ticket but there are no response except auto responder mail.

I don't want to loose this domain so I try to renew it at (even the price is $38/years) I think it's worth for my domain. I try to renew it with paypal payment method, but some how this payment is always fail even I have enough balance on my paypal account. I try to change payment method with master card but I just get the always fail and I get same message

"The credit card you have supplied has been declined for unspecified reasons by your credit card company.

Please use another credit card for this transaction or call your credit card company to determine why your card was declined. If you believe this is in error, please call 1.866.921.8024."

I try to open ticket but the same response I get, only mail from auto responder. there are no live chat support like other reliable registar they want me to make phone call their customer support but I can't make it for some reason (main reason is language)

I don't want to loose this domain but I can't transfer it and I can't renew it. I don't want to say that want my domain name and sell it at auction with higher price I don't know. But when you use search engine and type " scammer" you will find many people have the same experience with me.

I use some other register and I have no experienced like this. So if you want to register domain I suggest you to use other registar with better service. unable to transfer, unable to renew, terrible support, no live support is the things that you should to consider. especially when you are not live at us and Canada.

This is my personal experience with I am not try to offense but it's not fair and I dont want more people have the same trouble with me.


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i have same problem

all my credit cards are failed and they do not accept paypal any more

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