Bill Dodge Auto Group & Collision Center - Sloppy work, poor detail, no communication at Bill Dodge

Posted on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 at 6:55pm CDT by Kenneth V.

Product: Collision Repair work

Company: Bill Dodge Auto Group & Collision Center

Location: 1 Saunders Way


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

As a first time BMW owner, I am proud of my car and can?t say enough about my previous dealership, but after moving to Maine I brought it to Bill Dodge Auto Group and Collision Center in Westbrook, Maine and had an amazingly regrettable experience, that cost me out of pocket for a situation created by Bill Dodge and their 3rd party vendor. I am hoping this will lead to a much better experience for customers in future and changes in customer service?as I have no interest in any further dealings with Bill Dodge.

I brought in my 2011 BMW 328i to have a very small dent about the size of a quarter taken out of the roof of the car. In the past we had less than happy experiences with collision centers and we wanted to be sure of making the right choice?as previously our GTI came back with swirl and bake marks in the car and wasn?t cleaned after the repair. After putting in a claim through Geico, the Geico estimator, John Malloy highly recommended Bill Dodge Collision Center. I paid for a rental and days went by without a follow up phone call to let us know how things were going.

After not hearing anything I called on my own to follow up and was disappointed to learn that apparently glass removal and replacement is done by a 3rd party, not Bill Dodge, who broke the windshield on removing it. We were never contacted to let us know this had happened and that we?d be getting an aftermarket windshield, not the BMW OEM windshield it went in with. As opposed to calling us, James Caron (the service advisor handling our work) had called Geico immediately?but never informed us. Geico then only approved an aftermarket replacement only. We also were never given the option to pay for the difference?and found out that the law in terms of aftermarket parts is different here than in New Hampshire and Massachusetts (under 30,000 you can request OEM replacement parts on work paid by insurance). As our vehicle is leased, I contact BMW USA to ask about how this aftermarket windshield would affect our turn in and was assured it would be okay.

On principal alone it didn?t seem right anyway that Geico or we (if we had paid the difference for an OEM windshield replacement) would have to pay anything considering a vendor hired by Bill Dodge and thus acting as agent on their behalf, broke it to begin with. Our frustration was handled poorly by James Caron who responded, by simply repeating, ?don?t go there with me.? After the fact, we found out through the service manager (who handled the situation incredibly well and was very nice) that the windshield can commonly break on removal...but if so, some expectation should have been set with us to be prepared for the possibility.

The work was completed today and I just went down to pick it up. After checking through the car, I was dismayed to find that it hadn?t be fully cleaned after the work had been done and there were rough, unwaxed areas on the paint, and a white powdery residue throughout the car on the trim and seats. At this point I just wanted to leave with my car and didn?t feel like arguing the issue, however when I went to adjust the mirror to drive off, it fell off in my hand. Suffice to say I was furious and James Caron was going to get the rental back, but I was not leaving after driving almost 2 hours to get there?to go home without my car and to wait for more work to be done. He did let slip a comment that was telling when he said, "these things keep happening."

They drove the car back around to have it re-detailed and called the 3rd party vendor who showed up in an old, unmarked van and I found out at that point that the vendor isn?t actually a glass company per se, it?s this 1 guy who has his own company. It didn?t fill me with a degree of confidence. The glass guy?s solution was to use a ?stronger glue? the second time he attached the mirror?why wouldn?t he have done this in the first place? I?m glad it fell off in my hand before leaving?and not while on vacation in a few months in 90 degree heat.

After returning home I was finally relaxed enough to look the car over and as I clean it frequently and did so before bringing it in, there is still a white substance all overthing?some liquid that the dripped down on the door frame and all the interior glass is covered in some kind of film. So on top of the extra money I shelled out for a rental beyond the simple dent fix, I am now going to pay for detailing work to be done to get my car back in the condition it was in before I visited Bill Dodge. To be honest, after all of this I greatly wish that we?d have left the dent alone in the first place?what started out as something small ended up costing time, money and generating frustration and was just about the worst experience from a customer service standpoint I?ve been through.

To be clear, the only fault I find directly with the Collision Center is us having to find out information on our own, as opposed to be informed?and to have to continually chase down the service guy handling our car to find out when it would done and what was happening. The communication was poor and unbecoming of a BMW Dealership and the finishing work done by the detailers was sloppy. The service advisor should?ve reviewed in detail the work done before handing it over to a customer and have me have to review the work. I?m sure you can relate to the understanding that when you work hard for what you have it can be immensely frustrating to have it damaged. It?s also a BMW, not a Yugo?we appreciate finally owning one and had expected it to be treated by an Authorized Dealer of BMW with the same respect we give it?and clearly the guy in the old, unmarked van and the Bill Dodge Collision Center detailers do not.


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