Anthonys Key Resort - Anythonys Key Resort - SCAM, Warning to Travellers

Posted on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 9:06am CDT by Judy S.

Product: Dolphins

Company: Anthonys Key Resort

Location: Sandy Bay Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras


Category: Travel, Vacations

This complaint is about Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras. It claims to be an all inclusive Roatan resort providing Roatan diving, dolphin encounter, dive package, Roatan Scuba diving, Roatan Spa, Resort Spa, scuba diving Roatan, It is my understanding that while Anthony's Key Resort may provide a wonderful getaway for tourists, it is regularly in violation of the marine reserve park regulations that govern the park and reef near its property. Violations including building piers and property over the protected coral reef, capturing wild dolphins under the guise of education and intentionally sinking a ship in the eel garden so that its clients can experience a wreck dive.

Anthony's Key Resort supports the marine reserve on paper (and with occasional monetary support), but I believe that today's tourist should require that it uphold the letter of the law in regards to the reserve, not just when it suits business, but at all times.

Additionally, while interacting with dolphins is undoubtedly an amazing experience, as the creatures rate next to primates in terms of intelligence, most environmentally-aware individuals frown upon the capture of such wild animals for show and profit.

Finally, the numbers of scuba divers and snorkelers that Anthony's Key Resort, as well as several other resorts throughout the island, carry to the reefs is unsustainable. If you are a water lover, a scuba diver or just interested in the protection of marine habitats it is time to hold tourist resorts accountable for their impact on the resources from which they profit.

I have no other incentive to post this view, other than to express my concern over maintaining the reefs and marine resources that most of us enjoy.

Anthony's key resort or anthonys key resort is terrible. They use the name, Anthonys Key Resort but seriously!?! Sure, its located in Honduras and you should expect 3rd world treatment, however, Anthony s key resort is nothing but a money racket. Anthonys key resort in Roatan is not the only resort there, however, anthony key resort in roatan, may be the most advertised. Anthony s key resort honduras provides, diving, All inclusive housing but the food at Anthony s key resort is absolutley terrible im told. If youve been to Roatan then you know that Roatan is full of returants and I can about bet, if you try others you'll learn that anthony keys resort is one the worst resturants. Rather than stay at Anthonys key roatan honduras, try shopping around for "all inclusive roatan resorts" or "resort roatan honduras" or maybe even, "all inclusive roatan honduras" to find other alternatives to anthonys key roatan." When the website claims "all inclusive resort roatan" you should leave feeling like you had a great time Truth is, Roatan AKR is terrible. Other people have had similar problems at their resort.I wonder how may other people go dooped into buying a dolphin photo.


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