Sandra Elsley - Sandra Elsley Fraud and scamming

Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 1:17am CDT by Andrew R.

Product: Sandra Elsley

Company: Sandra Elsley

Location: 6002 Mountaingate Drive

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This woman is a con artist and a lier. She is a therapist and prays on hurt people so that should tell you something. I was stupid enough to believe a lawsuit story of hers in 2009, while doing so I lent her money because she claimed she would get millions. I went to the courthouse in Welland to see for myself last week and I found a case that Sandra Elsley lost. Judge Nightingale wrote this:

Sandra Elsley was misleading at best and untrue at worst.

Altough she initialy denied it on her cross examination, she eventually admitted that one of the witnesses who affidavit she provided in this motion was in fact a client from who she had borrowed money and was still indebted to her which suggests that she no longer had significant funds at the time of the motion.

There were pages and pages of the judge not believing Sandra.

I will write a new report with what the judge said when my friend can scan it in.

I will not let this go and will be sure to tell everyone in my path know what a lier and untrustworthy you are Sandra.


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raw n., 2013-05-04, 06:45PM CDT

First you need a spelling therapist something fierce !

Next, why don't you just admit that you are part of her ex beau's stock swindle that is melting down as I write?

Come on! Honesty is GREAT therapy

kash m., 2014-09-12, 11:34PM CDT

1 of the 4 recent lawsuits Sandra has recently lost.

raw.n are you impersonating rawnoc's ID?

do you like apples?

how do you like that verifiable .....honesty

Lisa E., 2015-02-26, 09:46PM CST

You can add her latest scam Algae Dynamics. Sandra Elsley, family therapist, scammed pclients to invest in the company she was an officer of promising huge returns. A detailed expose on the scam is written here:

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