TeKnowNow - TeKnowNow is a scam

Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 4:30pm CDT by Fanty O.

Product: Supreme 5 Tier Shelving Chrome

Company: TeKnowNow

Location: This company does not provide complete address from anywhere.
DENVER, CO, 80603, US

URL: teknownow.com/

Category: Furniture

I refused a package from TeknowNow.com through FedEx. This company refuses refunding me. They claimed that they did not receive my refused package even though FedEx has the record that this package had been "refused" back to their company. TeKnowNow.com told me that they doubt if I am a thief so they cannot give me money back, no refund. But the FedEx record does prove that this package was taken away and sent to the original place it was stored. TeKnowNow has no rights taking me money with nothing.

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Business Reply  JC C., 2013-06-03, 05:52PM CDT

The consumer failed to follow any of the return policies. The shipment came from a shared distribution center. We have a specific address for returns but the consumer did not bother to check the policy. We also do not accept returns unless the freight is pre-paid by the consumer. This freight was not prepaid. the warehouse dock that the package arrived to reported the box was empty. The consumer did not refuse the package straight away. The buyer also was "returning" the item because he did not realize he bought 2 items. One item is 85 dollars, 2 items would be 170 bucks. There are 3 confirmation screens prior to payment. Wouldn't you catch the fact that you were being charged twice as much. also the buyer did not even notify us that there was an "issue" until 18 days after the fact. Because the buyer failed to comply with the returns policy that he agreed to follow at checkout ( that checkmark you clicked confirming you understood the terms and confirming you had read and understood the conditions and policies) we did not refund the money. The entire ordeal was fishy. Why would it be so difficult to follow the returns policy? Refusing a package does not constitute a proper return, it constitutes that you are claiming the shipment arrived damaged and when you refuse it the shipper will ask if about the damage. It clearly states so on the shipping and returns policy page on our website. We did offer the buyer a store credit less the shipping in good faith, but the buyer was not interested and filed a dispute with the credit card company. After reading the correspondence between Fanty and us, and reviewing the shipping and returns policy, the credit card company also stated that the consumer failed to properly return the item. Unfortunately for the consumer, because the policies were not followed, there was no accountability for the package that was returned to the incorrect center, therefore they reported an empty package arrived. Again, we offered store credit, he refused, what else can we do if the returns procedures were ignored completely, and we don't have the product, and we paid double shipping already. It's a good thing we don't sell hot coffee, because I'm sure it would be our fault too if it burned him.

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