Dr. George Commons - Dr. George Commons -Plastic Surgeon from HELL

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 1:35am CDT by Susan S.

Product: Dr. George Commons

Company: Dr. George Commons

Location: 1515 El Camino Real
PALO ALTO, CA, 94306, US

URL: http://www.gcommonsmdplasticsurgery.com/

Category: Health, Beauty

Dr. George Commons mutilated my friend's body, operating on 20 of the wrong parts of her body. He caused serious damage to her knees, carved X's into her hips, sutured her pubic area, damaged her calves, operated on the WRONG LEG, all areas that were perfect and she didn't consent to surgery on.

What could explain him doing this? He just lies about it, so we're not

going to get any answers from him. These are the possibilities:

He is an idiot.

He was drunk and/or on drugs.

He is a sociopath.

He is too lazy to do the appropriate surgery on each patient, so instead

he does the same surgery to everyone, whether they need it or not.

A combination of the above.

The sociopath theory is likely because he has the typical characteristics of a sociopath:

1.Pathological liar -he even lied under oath.

2.No concern for the suffering & damage to their victims - Commons saw

what he did to her, and could have had his insurance pay for the reconstructive surgery, but instead he conspired with his friend from

Stanford, a superior court judge, to fix the trial. The judge got her

her lawyer to waive her right to a jury trial behind her back and agree to no witnesses & no testimony. This allowed this corrupt judge to rule against her even though ALL the evidence was in her favor, and he ordered her to pay Commons' attorney's fees, and she had to go through bankruptcy. She lost her business and she and her daughter were evicted from 2 apartments. She has had 28 surgeries so far at a cost of more than $200,000. She has had to work 7 days a week for more than

11 years to pay for it, and she still needs more!

3. Never taking responsibility for what they have to to their victims - he said under oath that he didn't think he did anything wrong.

4. Blaming the victim and going on the offensive - he sued her and her

daughter for defamation, even though they told the truth and were protected under the Constitution. That suit was dismissed when she

threatened to sue for malicious prosecution.

Commons has operated on the wrong parts of at least 2 other victims.

He is a menace to the public and should have had his license revoked

years ago.


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