Home Depot - Home Depot Staff Good For Nothing!!

Posted on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 at 10:39am CDT by 04104327

Product: Home Depot

Company: Home Depot

Location: CA, 94587, US

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This is an overall complaint against the Home Depot. Whenever I go to their stores, the employees are nowhere to be found to get any help. If one finds an employee and asks a question, the person usually says that he or she does not know because he or she does not work in that department.

There was a time one employee told me to come back when the employee is there. Are you serious moron!!

I mostly have my receipts if and when I have to return something. If some time I cannot find it and I may have paid for it in cash, they are not really helpful to do the return even if I have never opened the item.

I do a lot of home improvement stuff shopping in a year and I have shopped at Home Depot a lot since they are close by and not because I like them or anything. I go there because they have the items. I don't go there because they provide any good customer service.

Try calling their customer service toll free number and they are the worst people to ever raise a concern with about anything. They actually do not even care.

The Home Depot store in Union City is always dark and cluttered looking. The staff members are good for nothing. They talk like they are some thugs or something. I don't understand how such people who obviously don't show any people's skills still get a job there.

Home Depot sucks rotten tomatoes.

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Robin M., 2013-08-30, 07:29PM CDT

Then don't shop there...PROBLEM SOLVED!

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