Taco Bell - Taco Bell Makes Good Diarrhea Food & Gives Horrible Customer Service

Posted on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 at 10:16am CDT by 04104327

Product: Taco Bell

Company: Taco Bell

Location: 37236 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536

URL: www.tacobell.com

Category: Food

Recently drove through a Taco Bell on Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA.

They gave me the wrong food when I checked it upon reaching home.

Called them up and spoke to a guy name David, Shift Leader, who said that it was fine for me to have that food and return there to get the new food for free for my trouble whenever I come there next.

I could not eat that shit food even for free and needed my money back and get proper food so I went back and gave them their diarrhea food back and requested my full refund. He kept all the food and refused the refund for all when few minutes ago he told me that I may keep all of that food and come back to get same things for free whenever. Since I was there, I told them to make the food I had ordered and do it properly this time. It was cold and they had not really put the ingredient sufficiently. He kept arguing that it had the right portions. How do I know what their portions are suppose to be? All I know that the food was wrong and one item tasted awful and stale.

I did not really want to eat that nasty wrong food they had packed. This David guy was highly rude and would not listen to anything. I had ordered two 5 layers burritos and they gave me two bean burritos. It is their mistake. The guy in the drive thru had even repeated to me the item 5 layers burritos, so I don't know what he did wrong still.

He then wanted to just give me "one" 5 layers burritos when I kept telling him to look at my receipt that I had ordered two 5 layers burritos. He acted so stupid to be arguing with me that he would give me one item.

I was composed and polite and this man was walking away as I was talking to him still. He did not know how to treat a customer. First they gave me the wrong food and then were not saying sorry. Moreover they were just refusing my money back after taking all the food back that I had not eaten even. What is wrong with these morons?

Long story short, David and Fernando at Taco Bell are two very incompetent and rude employees. David told me that they are not corporate owned store so they put the portion of the food that their store owner tells them. What is that suppose to mean that the owner is telling them to give people wrong food and then take it back but not give a refund.

I hardly ever go to that store as I know that store has rude staff as they are never saying thank you or please. Often their food upsets my stomach so I consider it a laxative and use it as such.

My mistake that I went there.


Queenie C., 2013-08-15, 05:39PM CDT

YOU are not being fair to Taco Bell

Robin M., 2013-08-30, 07:26PM CDT

You call it "diarrhea food" and say it upsets your stomach, yet you keep going back for more. Sounds pretty foolish on your part.

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