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Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2013 at 1:29pm CDT by John H.

Product: Hughes Net Gen4


Location: US

Category: Internet Services

When I signed up for Hughes Net Gen 4 Internet service I was told by the sales person on the phone that it was unlimited usage.

The person that came and installed the equipment also told me that with the new satellite they had just placed in orbit with the fast Internet Service there would be no limitations on usage!

If you are a gamer you find out quickly this is not correct and the download usage is always running out.

i called today to get out of the contract and was unable to break it. all they wanted was more money to up the amount of download megabytes.

And would have to upgrade my service yet again.

Do not get this service!


Nancy T., 2013-08-17, 12:35PM CDT

We got Hughes Net 2 years ago because that was the only service offered in our location. It was so ridiculously slow. So, I called and of course for a LARGE fee, they could make it faster. We had equipment problems initially and the installer was rude to us and acted as if it was our fault. My husband has spent countless hours on the phone with people you can't understand. You get kicked off ALL the time. So, I was able to get a hot spot with AT&T (EXCELLENT SERVICE) with two cell phones for less than what I paid for the thievery Hughes net was charging. I called to cancel and the gentleman asked why, so I explained to him the reason. Then he says, "Well, I don't really see where you've called to complain." REALLY?? I told him that I really don't have time to sit on the phone for countless hours troubleshooting their faulty service!! Bottom line is that they are ROBBING ME YET AGAIN OF A CANCELLATION FEE OF $325.00!! So far, I haven't seen anything in writing where I agreed to pay this CRAP!!

Robin M., 2013-08-30, 07:12PM CDT

I have HughesNet and I don't particularly like they way they operate, but it is the only thing available in my area. I constantly have problems with it; however, I can tell you there is NO WAY anyone who works there would tell you the usage was unlimited. I think you heard what you wanted to hear and not what was really said. Absolutely NO satellite provider offers unlimited usage.

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