Clark Pest Control - The Rat ate the Invoice - Thanks for the Pest Control...

Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2013 at 5:09pm CDT by Sara

Product: Pest Control

Company: Clark Pest Control

Location: PALMDALE, CA, US


Category: Home, Garden

One day I was hanging out in my backyard when I noticed a rat running along our fence. Coincidentally, the following day a Representative selling Clark Pest Control services knocked on my door offering a deal. I went ahead and signed up for the service, explained that there was a rat and was assured that the problem would be taken care of. A few days later, I received a call from Clark scheduling an appointment and asking if I wanted outside only service or inside and outside. I asked that they call to setup appointments because I wanted both inside and outside service.

The day of the appointment, the man showed up as scheduled and sprayed the yard and the house. Seemingly, all was well.

Months went by without receipt of calls or any other indication of services rendered...all the while the rat continued to make his presence known running along the ground and fence at regular intervals. I was annoyed, that I had contracted a service to take care of the problem, and it was obviously still a problem, but I didn't pursue the issue until I began receiving invoices, at which time I called Clark Pest Control and asked why I was being invoiced for a service that, to my knowledge, I had not been receiving.

They indicated that they would have somebody call me back. The following day a man called me back and told me that the service had been occurring regularly, at which time I explained that I never got any calls or indications that somebody had been to my house and that the bugs and the rat were still hanging around, further indicating lack of service. The man told me that they would call me before service going forward and get the problem resolved.

After another bug and rat infested month passed, I received another calls, no indication of service...just an invoice, which was auto applied to my credit card. At this point, I called my credit card company and contested the charge, and called Clark. Again, I was told that I would receive a call and that the problem would be resolved.

Yet another bug and rat infested month passed and I received another calls, no indication of service...just an invoice which was auto applied to my credit card. Again, I contested the charge.

At some point later, I received a call from a woman claiming to be a supervisor who tried to tell me that the service had been rendered and that I needed to pay the invoice. I told her that the problem they were hired to resolve still existed, I never got any calls after numerous promises and that I wanted to stop the service that wasn't working anyway.

The call ended, the infestation continued and I received another invoice.

Today, I got another call from Clark telling me that I'm being charged $80 for early termination that they are about to send to collections. I expressed my frustration at being charged to cancel a service that as far as I could tell wasn't being rendered and they put me on the phone with a Supervisor.

The supervisor started off telling me that according to her notes, this was the first time I had ever expressed any dissatisfaction about the service, but then later changed the story to tell me that she had tried to call me several times to try to resolve the issue. She claims that had she known that I was unhappy with the service, she would have resolved it and therefore refuses to remove the $80 early termination charge that will be going to collections.

At this point, the rat and bugs are far more appealing to deal with than Clark Pest Control.

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