Walmart - Card to Card Transaction

Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at 9:11am CDT by Theraline S.

Product: Debit Card Transfer

Company: Walmart

Location: 3735 Route 66 West Neptune, NJ 07753
NEPTUNE, NJ, 07753, US


Category: Other

2/21/13 at Walmart #5142 made a debit card to card transfer for $500. + $3.95 service charge. On 4/7/13 when I checked for my balance the money was not posted. I pulled my statement which showed a negative $503.95. My debit card holder will not remiburse the money as they claim it as a purchase. Walmart claims the transaction was made. My statement shows that the money went somewhere. And I did not physically purchase any items for that amount in the store on that date. Some one has to be accountable for my money. I believe that it is Walmart, or where is the money.


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