Grafton Piano & Organ Co. - Bait & Switch pricing tactics

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 9:11am CDT by unhappy customer

Company: Grafton Piano & Organ Co.

Location: 1081 County Line Road


Category: TV, Music, Video

Grafton gave me a quote on moving my father's piano. After scheduling it, found the guy doubled the price by almost 100%. When I asked why, he started throwing out information that I had already told him when he gave me the first quote, but acting like I withheld those details. When I pointed out that I had already told him these things before he quoted the first quote, he added other reasons - things I had never heard of and did not apply to my piano. I said I did not know what he meant, and asked if he was going to honor his quote. He responded "Maam, a quote is just that. When we came out we would have raised the price then". So basically, he's saying you cannot trust a quote from these people, that they don't honor their quotes, and that they will stick you when they come out to do the job. Never dealt with a company that did not honor their own quotes or at least stay in the range. A quote should never be off by more than 10%. Even if the original quote was an under-estimate, (which it should not have been since these people are in the business of selling and moving pianos), in the past I have seen business people under-estimate in their quotes, but they always stick to their quote because to them their reputation and customer satisfaction is most important. Those are the business owners that have more customers than they can handle because what they did for the customer passes by word of mouth. I have NEVER had anyone blatantly double their quote after the fact and then try to blame the customer for that, as Grafton did. That fact passes by word of mouth too, and certainly does not help the reputation of the business. Obviously these people don't really care about customer satisfaction, its just words on their website to entice customers. On their welcome page they say "Our family focus makes us unique in the suburban Philadelphia area. We like to treat our customers the way we like to be treated?honest advice in choosing an instrument, no compromise service and an organization that is dedicated to your satisfaction". Obviously that statement is far from true. I am very angry that this company wasted my time like this and I would warn anyone willing to try doing business with this company to watch out for bait and switch pricing tactics.


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