Adventures Wild Inc. - Adventures Wild Outfitters - a Ripoff/scam!!!

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 5:53pm CDT by Jonnie T.

Product: Guided Hunting outfitter

Company: Adventures Wild Inc.

Location: 8023 South Quemoy Way
AURORA, CO, 80016, US


Category: Other

So my father & I decided to start looking for a Turkey outiftter to take us on some private land & bag us some good wild Turkeys. after receiving an advertisement email from Chris Vaughn @ Adventures wild inc, it seemed like a good fit for us

I contacted Chris Vaughn/Owner/guide of adventures Wild inc & agreed to a weekend hunt, which would cost $800 USD.

Chris requested I sent a $400 deposit to secure the date/time for the guided hunt. I sent Chris a $400USD money order & he acknowledged the delivery of the payment via text message

Chris then sent me a contract to sign acknowledging the date/time & total monetary amount needed to complete the hunt. Along with the contract I sent back to Chris, I also included the rest of the $400 payment. This is where things began to go downhill.

From this point on, Chris was very vague (sometimes even completely non-responsive) to my text messages & email. Any calls to him went unanswered & I even left detailed voice mails with absolutely no calls returned.

I also had to buy 2 seperate Nebraska Turkey tags, which were about $100USD a piece. Keep in mind these tags are completely non-refundable.

The hunt was supposed to be this upcoming weekend, & I have been desperately trying to get a response from Chris Vaughn as to details on where to go & the hotel reservations.

I got a very simple & unsympathetic email this AM (was supposed to be leaving tomorrow PM for the hunt) & was told there was a medical emergency & that we'd have to reschedule.

I could see if Chris was professional & was returning my calls with good information/details leading up to this email, but as there was absolutely none of that, I feel like this is some sort of excuse/scam to keep my money orders & keep pushing me out of a hunt.

If this business owner was professional, he would have called me directly & to explain the situation, not send a 2-sentence email to me & not respond to any of my replies from that point.

I am now out of $1000 USD because I'm not sure if he is going to refund my money & I cant refund the non-resident turkey tags

I even delayed a business trip from this weekend to Monday, as I was expecting to go on this hunt.


The website claims to be reputable (& it certainly looks that way), but the actions (or lack thereof) presented by this "business owner" Chris Vaughn, has left such a foul taste in my mouth & i'll be scared to trust any other guide from this point on




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DG Hawk, 2014-04-15, 10:20AM CDT

Had a similar experience to this... with a twist. Chris Vaughn is reportedly in California selling hunts that do not exist in Nebraska. He gave us the same line basically and told us we would be met by a guy named Dustin in Nebraska who would take us hunting for turkeys. We each gave him $250 deposit which I don't expect to ever see.

Here's the twist. A couple days before the hunt we were contacted by the county attorney or asst. district attorney in Dundee County, (the Nebraska County we were to hunt). He informed us that Dustin had come to him to report that he had learned Chris Vaughn was selling hunts that he (Dustin) was reportedly going to guide on. Dustin had worked for Vaughn 4 or 5 years ago but not since. The attorney basically said we "had been had" and that there was no hunt for us or reservations at the hotel he had reportedly made arrangements at. Dustin had no land for us to hunt. At the time, my partner and I were hunting turkey in Kansas and had planned to travel to Dundee County for the Vaughn hunt. Fortunately for us, we got some advance warning and were able to make some other arrangements to cobble together a hunt in NW Nebraska.

Chris Vaughn is not only a disreputable outfitter, he's a criminal and a scammer. I don't have the attorney's name and number but may be able to get it for you if you want. He didn't sound like he had the ability to get him charged but I'm not sure about that. Sounds like a bunch of people got scammed by this snake though. I'm among them.

Jonnie T., 2014-04-15, 11:55AM CDT

DG Hawk,

Thanks for the info on this. This guy needs to be prosecuted ASAP!

FYI, they changed the domain name for their website in a cheap attempt to cover their tracks. I have all the doman info below.

Its important we make the entire hunting community aware of this snake's pathetic scams. Chris Vaughn is the worst kind of person & needs to be punished for his deceitful tactics on good people who just want to enjoy themselves. Taking someone's hard earned money is the lowest you can go. This will catch up to him & this awful company.



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DG Hawk, 2014-04-16, 12:59PM CDT

Here is some info I have on Chris Vaughn : phone 760-914-0985, or cell 303-880-5317, We wired him money to Academy Bank ( Colo. ) Routing # 107001481 and Account # 4120587 , County Attny. in Nebraska who called us and informed us we had been scammed is Gary Birk @ 308-423-5225.

00cf24b1, 2014-07-28, 10:08PM CDT

d.g. hawk and johnnie t. would like to talk to you about 2 complaints above about chris Vaughn he took me for a 1000.00 for antelope hunt that didn't happen maybe together we can do something

Jonnie T., 2014-07-29, 01:28AM CDT

00cf24b1, thank you for posting on this thread. I am definitely interested in pursuing this issue.let me know how I can get in contact with you further to discuss.

00cf24b1, 2014-07-29, 07:45PM CDT

email me at [email protected] and we will go from there

505dc2b5, 2014-12-19, 03:19PM CST

DG Hawk & Jonnie T ...I was also one of the guys Chris Vaughn decided to cheat this spring on a turkey hunt & We did get the attorney in Nebraska to start a case. The more guys we get on board that got screwed by this guy the better chances of prosecution. The guys I hunt with suggested making a hunting trip to California to find Chris Vaughn 7 get our money back !!!

0d1658b4, 2016-02-11, 05:43PM CST

Wow! Good to know. Thanks for the information

Jonnie T., 2016-02-11, 05:50PM CST

Has anyone been able to find any more information as to this guy's whereabouts?? I'm still very interested in getting a civil case going against him and his so called company.

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