Cuisinart - Defective Coffee Maker (2 separate device failures)

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 4:10pm CDT by Steven M.

Product: Coffee Maker

Company: Cuisinart

Location: Trenton NJ
TRENTON, NJ, 08520, US


Category: Home, Garden

We purchased a Cuisinart coffee maker, Model Dcc-3000 from R.C. Willey in January 2013. This coffee maker features an internal storage carafe for the brewed coffee as opposed to a traditional external coffee pot. The design idea is the brewed coffee stays warm within the internal carafe until you are ready for it. Then. you push a button and the coffee dispenses into your cup. The problem? It leaks! The first model lasted about 6 weeks, then when we would brew our coffee it would brew and dribble right out onto the floor. We followed all maintenance suggestions, and the problem persisted. R.C. Willey was nice enough to exchange the model for us. Within 4 weeks the exact same thing happened with the new model! What we would like from Cuisinart is one of two things. Either a different model of coffee maker, that does not have an internal storage carafe (just a standard coffee maker with a programmable clock) or a refund of hte $99 we initially paid for the unit so we can purchase a replacement on our own. I do not think we are asking for to much. Cuisinart wants to exchange the 2nd defective model for another version of this same, already proven defective product. If you do a search online for Cuisinart Dcc-3000 leak or reviews you will see ample evidence that I am far from the first consumer to experience this problem with this product. We trusted the Cuisinart brand name when we purchased this appliance, that was a mistake.


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