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Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 at 12:46pm CDT by Connie W.

Product: Title Max

Company: titlemax

Location: 1546 west floyd baker blvd.
GAFFNEY, SC, 29341, US

URL: titlemax.com

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On friday 4 19 2013 title max came and repo my car I was out of town working they didn't call me or send me any kind of letter stating that they was repoing my car on 4 15 2013 I had try to send a paymeny throu westering union but they said they needed more info cause the info that title max gave me was the wrong info so I couldn't send it thru westering union so I called them on the same day to c if they would take my 500 dollar payment over the pho and that the info they gave me to use westering union was wrong they refuse my payment when I got home the car was gone I had call them on 4 19 2013 my car was gone I had call them to ask them if they took my car they would not tell me them I told them I was going to call the police report that my car was stolden them they amite they came and got it and I told them if they messed up my car I will get a law suit on them we had some people here in the park stared when they left they was going so fast the car was moving side ways and stated they was in a big hurry to get away there has been 500 conplant on this compay in gaffiney sc with the problem cause they r stelling people car and my car was locked they begging me to bring them the keys and I won't . CONNIE R Williams

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Robin M., 2013-08-30, 07:05PM CDT

Having proper punctuation would make this a whole lot easier to read. Have you ever heard of a period (.)?

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