Airport Marina Honda - Staff

Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 at 10:39am CDT by a6877bcf

Product: Honda Accord 2010

Company: Airport Marina Honda

Location: 5850 Los Angeles AV.
LOS ANGELES, CA, 90045-2002, US


Category: Stores, Shopping

"I'll Sign Anything. Let me out of here!


Staff: Belligerent, over bearing, physically threatening. Honda, for reasons I fail to understand, seem to hire sales men who appear to be enforcers, not persuaders. I have dealt, in Phoenix, with Right Honda, Showcase Honda, and West Phoenix, Arizona Honda Dealer. With the single exception of San Tan Honda, in Chandler AZ. I've left with the impression that I've barely escaped the Mafia. I was on record here at Complaint' detailing how, at Showcase Honda, my wife--in an effort to escape what in my opinion was a thug--plain and simple--had to shout at the top of her voice, "I'll sign anything! Let me out of here!"

Anti American!: Honda "salesmen" vs. desperate customer


I was in Los Angeles, visiting family. I'm 75 years old. I'm not in good health. I lost my car key. Honda charges upwards of $200 for a lousy ignition key. I was desperate, and of course the service person, took full advantage, and jacked the price up. At the last minute, a customer hearing of my plight explained that I could get a valet key and at a much lower price. Great, I thought, that's all I'll need to get home. Such an uproar you've never witnessed. I escaped to the showroom. (I asked for a free mug, wanting to make the point that Honda doesn't like being conned, nor does the customer.) I was immediately accosted by a young tough looking salesman and later a muscle bound manager. In my humble opinion, accusing a complaining customer of being anti American is going a bit too far, esp. when you are selling a car bearing the name of a foreign manufacturer.


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