- Rent advertisement is false!

Posted on Sunday, April 21st, 2013 at 11:19am CDT by Nataliya M.

Product: advertisements of properties rent


Location: 15 Tuscana Blvd Concord Ontario L4K 5J2

Category: Real Estate

I found that this company took my very old and already closed advertisement about the house rent and put it on own website. They put a red banner with the worning that this advertisement expired. However, when I tried to get to my account, if it was there, the system on the site denies my registration. I know, from my documents, I never registered at this site, and never placed my advertisements there. I don't have access to remove this advertisement as the result.

Their business ruins my reputation, as I deleted this advertisement more than two years ago. And my business won't put this type of advertisement on forementioned property. This is the family dwelling.

I request to ban this website from the internet for the durty practice of publishing the wrong information and damaging the companies name, reducing companiy's income.


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