TA-ZE - Rude and racist management

Posted on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 at 1:41am CDT by joey m.


Company: TA-ZE

Location: 25 The West Mall, P.O. Box #100

URL: www.ta-ze.ca

Category: Health, Beauty

Never buy anything from these guys because not only are they rude and racist to their Asian customers, but towards their employees as well. One manager that I find particularly rude and unprofessional is a lady by the name of "Zenia" who doesn't know how to properly handle her employees and that I had friend who once worked over there, told me that Xenia wasn't really fond of Filipino people and gave not only the Filipino customers attitude, but my friend (since my friend is of Filipino descent) as well. Since my friend is a reasonable and humble person, My friend then complained to the Turkish Canadian owner, Mr. Efron Polat who simply dismissed my friend's complaints as "unnecessary" and "unneeded". The next day, Efron and Zenia had fired my friend without reason. I then attempted to call and reason with Mr. Efron Polat but he then told me to "BUZZ OFF" and that his decision was final.

I hope that head office and any other person who had a problem with the management at TA-ZE Toronto reads about this and does something about this employees of this company.


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