The Home Depot Corporate Offices - NEED RESOLUTION

Posted on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 at 7:47pm CDT by Nicole B.

Product: Purchase, Customer Service :(

Company: The Home Depot Corporate Offices

Location: 220 State Rd 7
FL, 33411, US


Category: Home, Garden

I purchased 3 doors at $5,000.00 and all came in defective. I made out 2 claims to the Wellington Home Depot with Jackie -- ordered doors in February and its April and I've only received one door and the others are not here. The door delivered to also defective!! Won't lock.. my stuff could be stolen!!! Called Corporate did not seem interested in helping.. I will be contacting consumer reports, better business bureau, and whoever else is willing to listen!! HOME DEPOT is NOT THE STORE IT USE TO BE!!! BUYER BEWARE!! :( Wellington Florida 33411. plus they are looking to fire someone who has worked there for 17 years... just for our maintenance man asking him advice on the situation!! What kind of way are they doing business!! On to my next site to complain.. nobody wants to help then I will let as many people as I can.. Ive put it on Facebook to the Corporate office, spoke to Corporate, Twitter, Pinetrest, Consumer Reports, Better business bureau, federal trade commission... also my Facebook friend and family... I feel like they don't care!!! :( Someone please help


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