Official iPhone Unlock Ltd - Official iPhone Unlock Ltd did not refund upon iPhone unlock failer

Posted on Friday, April 19th, 2013 at 12:58am CDT by Soran N.

Product: A division of iPhone Accessories and Repair Ltd

Company: Official iPhone Unlock Ltd

Location: Company registered in England and Wales No.:7838094 VAT Reg: 123 4796 12
LONDON, 0843 289 4084, UK


Category: Consumer Electronics

I contacted Official iPhone Unlock Ltd company On 17/2/2013, to factory unlock an iPhone5 locked to O2 UK, and they assured me via quoted email.

"Sometimes our card processor can be a bit awkward so we also have a secondary processor (which also supports AMEX).

Remember our unlocks are permanent and will not re-lock.

Need re-assurance? Why not check out our Facebook -

Payment With Credit/Debit Card using our secondary processor:


Just use this link -

Payment Via Bank Transfer:


Please put your IMEI as the transfer reference and email [email protected] when you have made payment. Here are our Ltd Company account details:

Account Name: iPhone Acc Ltd


IBAN: GB70MIDL40471752740931

HSBC Bank, 6 Broad Street, Worcester, UK"

Then I made a transaction as quoted

"Payment/Order Confirmation from IPHONEUK 070905 +448005200847


Your Visa @@@@@@@@@@@@@ | XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX account has been successfully charged for your order.

Order Amount: GBP 99.00.

Charges appear on your Billing Statement as: IPHONEUK 070905 +448005200847"

More than three weeks past and they failed to unlock my iPhone5, when I started complaining they said it is something out of their control, the server is suspended, and will not be available in a next few weeks! they gave me two choices either to continue with unlock or to be refunded in full, I confirmed to be refunded on 8/3/2013, returned my device to the vendor and bought a new unlocked one.

They send me a confirmation email quoted on 12/3/2013, "Your unlock has been cancelled and you will be refunded in full during working hours.

This should arrive to your bank/card within 4 days."

I tried to warn them few more times about the delay of refund before I take any further actions, but they completely ignored me and tried to convince me again through another email, that they are able now to unlock the device in only two working days if I pay an additional amount of GBP 29.99.

All emails and off-line chat conversations were archived and I would provide a copy if required..

Thanks again for your support.


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01c0169d, 2013-04-29, 10:06AM CDT

Doesnt sound like OfficialiPhoneUnlock guys. I did 7 unlocks with them (i run unlocking business) because they are cheapest around the internet, and none of the unlocks has been even delayed, not 'not-done'. In fact all the unlocks i've done with these guys were even sooner than the time displayed on their web for which I'm very thankful and my customers really appreciated it. There must be something wrong with your order. I've seen that these guys are very much against FRAUD, so its possible that your payment is marked as fraud, as by your explaining the payment processor marked your purchase as fraudulent.

Soran N., 2013-05-05, 02:33PM CDT

You seems to be lucky guy as you did most probably cheap unlocking with them as you mentioned, because in my case which I keep all the evidences I made a clean payment of GBP 99.00 and after they failed to unlock my iPhone 5 in 3 weeks time, I asked to be refunded.

My point here is when I asked to be refunded they weren't done any action yet! and even 6 weeks after and they agreed to cancel my request and refund in full! but they never did so far!! instead they asked for an extra GBP 30.00 payment!! I don't understand how come you say my payment possibly marked as fraud and they are agents FRAUD!!!

tony b., 2013-05-27, 01:47AM CDT

I have a similar problem with these thieves how can I repay? Ordered from them unlock iPhone, and wait for more than 1.5 month release no, I'm disappointed.

45c4f55f, 2013-06-04, 07:35AM CDT

Paid in full over 100 in April.

Got the reply after a long time that the IMEI is blacklisted.

I said ok, I'll have a refund.

After insisting on the support page for over a week, they replied that they could try with another server but it would cost me another 15.

Said no of course, I'll have my refund.

After that, no replies on support page or email, barred from their facebook page, nothing.

As far as I'm concerned, this is pure SCAM. As long as they can do it they'll do it. But if they have a problem they'll just ignore you and never refund you.

If anybody has ideeas as to how to approach this legally, I'm listening.

PS: have fun calling them. I've been on hold for an hour now

Bad Boy, 2013-06-09, 05:44PM CDT

You have paid for a service you have not received. You are entitled to a refund. Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau, or if they have a physical shop, go and visit them. You can also go to Companies House website and see if they are registered and trading legally. You have to pay maybe 1 or ?2 but atleast you may get a physical address and a contact number for the owner of

Ghasoub A., 2013-06-20, 08:50AM CDT

We paid the full charge of 110 pounds in January. We waited for four months and nothing happened. I sent in a request for a refund on 10th May 2013 and to this date (20th June 2013) we have not received payment. In spite of the many emails I've sent and the attempted phone calls, NOTHING.

I'm beginning to feel that they're in the business of scooping money out of unsuspecting folks like myself. They make it seem so legit that they ask for a photo of your credit card with you holding it - HOW STUPID. I've been shopping online for years and never in my entire online shopping experience have I had to do this - not even with PAYPAL.

I want to warn others not to shop with They're FRAUDSTERS.





Soran N., 2013-06-20, 10:48AM CDT

Thanks Ghasoub, for your input, yes, lets work together to shut them down, I already sent Google and warn them..

Please raise/register a case agents those fraudsters with as I did.. and submitted another complaint to too..

They are a group of scammers, and must be thrown behind bars.

Ghasoub A., 2013-06-20, 06:11PM CDT

Thanks Soran. I've just done both. This is not good for UK online businesses,

jo a., 2013-07-05, 03:53AM CDT site will promised an unlock and after you pay they will tell you that the unlock is not available anymore for whatever bs reason, or pay more to continue with the unlock. that is basically their modus operandi. they'll also promised quick refund which will never happen... your hard earned money gone. i'm still waiting for my refund of 90GBP for over a month now. i had filed a dispute with my cc still hoping to get my money back. don't be fooled by the flood of fake positive reviews online. i see one on here right now as a matter of fact. SCAMMERS!

percival g., 2013-07-23, 08:24PM CDT

Don't trust this Company...they charge me upront on Jan.8 ,2013 knowing that they can unlock my Iphone 5..... to my dismay, sent me a message that they can't unlock it.I asked them to get my refund...They replied no refund and said they will unlock a different carrier.Now, I sent a different carrier Sprint to get my unlock code.No more reply for 6-months now.This company is a Scammer.Guys be aware of this company.

Igor Y., 2013-09-01, 04:38PM CDT -they are SCAMMERS ! Let's work together to close them and send them to jail. I AGREE

MY EMAIL : [email protected] need to write a complaint against them to the stolen money

percival g., 2013-09-01, 09:21PM CDT

Don't trust this Company...they charge me upront on Jan.8 ,2013 knowing that they can unlock my Iphone 5..... to my dismay, sent me a message that they can't unlock it.I asked them to get my refund...They replied no refund and said they will unlock a different carrier.Now, I sent a different carrier Sprint to get my unlock code.No more reply for 6-months now.This company is a Scammer.Guys be aware of this company.

f4337d64, 2013-10-08, 07:59PM CDT

I preordered my iphone unlock for 20 pounds, after I paid I got a message saying that when my unlock is available I will be required to pay the remaining balance. Through the purchase process I did never see any of this info, it looked totally as if 20 pounds was the final price. When I asked the for a refund this is the answer I got "We cannot supply a refund for the Pre-Orders as there is cost associated with them that we cannot recoup." I turns out that this info about preorders is at the very bottom of the FAQ section. I told this to Customer "Support" and they constantly ignored me and answered random things to the many emails I sent,. Besides that when I paid for my unlock the website stated "unlock will be available soon". After one month and a half waiting I asked them for a refund again due to this new lack of transparency and coherence and this answer is all I got: "Its no ones fault it just the simple fact that there is no unlock available at this time, as soon as there is we will be the first to know and we will notify you."

They have made me regret having used their "service" and now I will try to prevent others from being treated as I have been.

1962ccdb, 2013-10-09, 11:42AM CDT

If anyone can give me a physical address I will pay them a visit that's for sure. I far as I can tell they work through a holding company in London, it's a kind of a po box type service. I would so love to do a dexter....

512be41f, 2013-10-25, 08:42AM CDT

I'm having the same experience. These people are absolute cowboys. They can do a number of unlocks, including AT&T, which generates positive feedback on their site (which they police aggressively - at any point, you can see several of the most recent [negative] reviews reading:

"This review has been reported to customer service by the company x minutes ago for missing proof of purchase."

They have strung me along for several months now, lying about an imminent unlock. It hasn't happened, and it never will. Support stopped responding to my emails when I asked for a refund. These guys are utter ballbags. I wish I'd found this page (and several others I've since discovered) before I lost my money to them, rather than relying on the astroturfed Trustpilot site.

335ae156, 2013-10-25, 08:48AM CDT

To the poster above, their physical address appears to be 40 St Pauls Square, Birmingham, West Midlands B3 1FQ, per this website:

Business Reply  irepair c., 2013-12-18, 11:47PM CST

Fri 22/11/2013 10:10 date pf purchasing order and timeframe was given 1-3 days ..

chat had with them ..

irepair c., 2013-12-09, 12:37PM CST

these people are arse hole motherfuckers idiots

Reice, 2013-12-30, 11:33AM CST

the company is a conning company, i sent them a unlock on the 6th december 2013 they said 7 working days, after dat dey said another 9 working days, now it is the 30th december 2013, and the replied to one of my emails and dont reply the rest, every time i ring the cheeky baXXXrds they have you on the call for hours saying you in position 2 for your call to be answered, does any1 know how i can get my money back from these dogs

irepair c., 2013-12-30, 04:13PM CST

contact your bank to dispute fraud transaction ... tell them you paid for it but they have not provided you anything ..

d8268e57, 2014-01-22, 03:19PM CST

I just unlocked my iPhone using this website <a href="http://www.UnlockBoot.Com/">UnlockBoot.Com</a>

Hose M., 2014-02-10, 03:32PM CST

I recomend to use this one,

Done in short time, and support respond fast

946bbd72, 2014-04-02, 10:14AM CDT

official iphone unlock meaning they are specialist in scammers.

they take the payment to unlock my iphone 5 they said ?19.99 i made the payment after week

the ask for other ?84 i made the payment then after week the ask another ?19.99 which i found out that this is a scammers not official.

trickymicky, 2014-05-23, 11:37AM CDT

I paid for the unlocking of an I phone 3GS, locked to Rogers network canada. The phone is not blacklisted and has been in my possession since new.

I have sent a msg to support that was never answered, I have tried to call more than 3 times, Unfortunately the phone keeps you on answer phone. and says your the 1st person in line It then turns off.

They are scammers through and through. Their website should be taken down as until they are stopped advertising this service, they will be scamming many others too

1ddc143e, 2014-05-28, 10:42AM CDT is a scam site!!

5842403d, 2014-05-31, 08:36AM CDT

Put simply, stay away. I have reported this company to Trading Standards in the UK. Google is your friend, don't believe the reviews / hype advertised on their website. Remember they have thousands of affiliates making money from promoting their unlock service and their website is insecure and NOT protected via McAfee Secure, the seal is fake, reported to McAfee direct. Be warned, don't be another lost cash statistic.

They have zero support after you pay and you have no chance of refund, approach your bank and get a charge-back only option (and even then they threaten you with blacklisting IMEI, (which ofcourse they wont and can't anyway!) Don't be fooled by the telephone support number, no one ever answers. Terrible experience, never again..

3b547df4, 2014-06-08, 09:05AM CDT

I've fallen for this scam too. ?23.99 up front to unlock an iphone4. Then I discover that Tmobile will unlock it for just over ?20.00 so I asked them to cancel my order. Then they asked for a further ?76.00 and are not replying to my messages.

I think they should change their name to

Claudio D., 2014-06-10, 12:46PM CDT


Please keep MANY MANY MANY ATTENTION at the offers that they show you.


My experience for unlock one iphone 4 with 3 years old and ok active:

They show that the cost is more cheaper of the web so i have do one order and the price was " from" ? 19,99 - REMEMBER THIS IS ONLY FOR GIVE YOU ONE SWEET PILL.....................


ccba0bcf, 2014-06-26, 02:53AM CDT

same here, they are scammers!, never got the unlock just an further request to pay 100 quid over the initial 24.

Support line answerd a man, non british accent, not verry polite, never got my money back after 2 months of asking about the refund.

08432894084 scamsite! fraud!

ebca88d9, 2014-06-29, 05:50PM CDT

Folks and all those scammed by

They are what you all say they are. I requested an unlock for an AT&T iphone to use in UK. Waited for 5 days as they suggested it might take that long. Cost 29.99 GBP.

Day 5 no unlock code.Rang the number they gave - a dead line which never rang out. Alarm bells rang with me though. Online search of their name brought me here to all these comments.

I went online again and found that I need never have paid them or anyone anything because the phone could be unlocked for free by the previous owner filling in their details at AT&Ts device unlock page as the phone was out of contract.

So if the previous owner has to fill in details like their social security number and their account number there is no way these scammers can get an unlock. If anyone with a stolen phone (how low can u get ? )or a phone bought in good faith pays these scammers money for an unlock it will never happen, not in two, three, five, fifty days or the same in years.

As to the warnings about activation locks and IMEI blocks thats bluster and bollocks. They have no way of doing this. They have no sway with any provider to make this happen.

Also about the photo of the credit card with your finger showing your name and the last four digits is a nonsense no legit company requires photographic evidence of a card or a finger (digit). The number is sufficient for a transaction to happen. So stay away from this scam site and why not forward this post to all your contacts on social media and see where it goes. This site needs closed down now.

BTW do contact ur credit card company and ask for a refund. Again the scammers dont like being hit in their pockets (the rebound is credit card companes get to know and refuse to take their business ).

The more victims demand cashback because of fraud the harder it is for this scam site to operate. Blame them. Shame them. Take'em down folks !!

sam s., 2014-06-30, 12:16PM CDT

They are scam artists. I was lucky - when kept on sending me emails about how the system was delayed blah blah blah, like what many of you have reported, I made a cl;aim with my credit card company and the charges were reversed.

BUT NOW LISTEN TO THIS - I tried to unlock my phone with them 7 months ago. Today I received an email from them saying that they were charging my credit card for the money I owed them. I then called my credit card company and blocked any charges from Dalpay. I also got another VERY THREATENING letter from them saying they were blacklisting my IMEI number and so my phone would be defunct in 48 hours. That they were also taking me to small claims court and that my credit rating would due affected.

What worries me about all this is that they did ask for proof of identity originally in January - my photo and copy opt the fact that I was employed by a university. SO now I am worried about identity theft!!!!!

Can someone tell me if this is a real worry or not?


Prashanth V., 2014-07-01, 01:23AM CDT

scamsters. my mistake should have suspected when there is no paypal option. went for credit card chargeback. if you are planning to buy their service, stay away from these b*s. if you are a victim go for cc chargeback immediately.

1f546ead, 2014-07-09, 03:10AM CDT

These guys are scammers! They also own this website how did I find this out? Everytime I submited my review of being ripped off by them on thier trusted reviews page: the review disapered and went here:

They are scammers and need to be shut down!

Business Reply  DalPay Retail, 2014-07-22, 04:23PM CDT

If you have an issue regarding service delivery from one of our suppliers, you can either contact us US toll free on our order inquiry hotline: 1-877 865 7746, or open a support ticket via

Naturally if a service has not been provided by one of DalPay Retail's suppliers you will be entitled to receive a refund under our general refund policy.

P.S. From the UK our order inquiry hotline is 0800-520-0847 (freephone).

e1f664ec, 2014-07-22, 08:26AM CDT

Scam,do not order

503fbfa4, 2014-07-22, 04:06PM CDT - these scammers OWN the review website

That is why you only see positive reviews! However, they are all fake!

Barry A., 2014-07-23, 09:34AM CDT

Total scam artists, advertise ?19,99 to unlock 4S and then ask for varying amounts of much larger sums. Total arseholes. They also set up a regular payment through credit card I Have requested refund from them and cancelled regular payment am awaiting result of investigation.

7e76538c, 2014-07-24, 09:49PM CDT

They claim to be from the UK, however a simple whois inquiry off their domain states they are not from the UK. Do not trust them. I purchased an unlock code, and they stated it was blocked and refusing to refund me when the phone is active and working. I've e-mailed they multiple times for a refund and gotten no response.

Domain name:



????????Official iPhone Unlock Ltd

????Registrant type:

????????Non-UK Corporation

????Registrant's address:

????????Suite 305

????????Capital Building




Claudio D., 2014-07-25, 05:06AM CDT

WRITE AT: UK Members Consumers Association



Unlock iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4s and 5

40 st pauls square

Birmingham b3 1fq

United Kingdom

Phone numbers

0843 289 4084

Email Address

Web site

Company description is a division of iPhone Accessories and Repair Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales 7838094. We Unlock iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4s and 5.



20de304d, 2014-07-26, 08:30AM CDT

They were on Stripe, DalPay and now they moved to Nochex.

Tell Nochex of their scamming and get their payments taken down!!

Soran N., 2014-07-30, 06:05AM CDT

Reference to the DalPay post above and quoted below, go ahead and open a ticket with them to get refund. thanks DalPay team :)

"DalPay Retail, 2014-07-22, 04:23PM CDT

If you have an issue regarding service delivery from one of our suppliers, you can either contact us US toll free on our order inquiry hotline: 1-877 865 7746, or open a support ticket via

Naturally if a service has not been provided by one of DalPay Retail's suppliers you will be entitled to receive a refund under our general refund policy.

P.S. From the UK our order inquiry hotline is 0800-520-0847 (freephone)."

dan l., 2014-08-02, 02:41PM CDT

These are not official unlock check their website address.

Web Site Location:

Order Page Location:

They are a scam company..

I've just tried to get a refund and been sent on a wild goose chase. None of their contact emails work. See below.15 EMAILS OF BULLSHIT AND LIES TICKET NUMBERS ETC. ETC.. DALPAY

I've contacted my card company and raised a dispute with them. This is the only way you can get a refund.

Tell your bank that they are a scam company with a long history of failing to refund payments. You can then get them to raise a dispute which gets you your money back

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

Technical details of permanent failure:

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:

554 Message not allowed - [PH01] Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit

vivek s., 2014-08-11, 05:58AM CDT


Claudio D., 2014-08-15, 06:23AM CDT







natacha a., 2014-09-02, 07:15AM CDT

Hello there

I wanted to know if you can help me.

a get my money ?59.99


Order ID: 2290748

Order Status: And Then After I purchase the service now unlock it is in contract or blacklisted. I already touch

I send email with proof but no response for refund.

CheckMEND clean

my iphone not barred / in contract, lost stolen


Thank you in advance for your help

Barry A., 2014-09-02, 07:25AM CDT

Am well chuffed, credit card have just had refund from Dalpay, most unexpected and had written off ?19.99p Well worth getting in touch with your card provider and complaining to them that it is not right they are dealing with scam artists.

dan l., 2014-09-02, 07:58AM CDT


Contact your credit card provider and raise a complaint. They will get you a full refund. Insist on a dispute being lodged.

This will automatically get you a full refund. Refer them to this site as proof of the company being inundated with complaints re' their scamming.


natacha a., 2014-09-02, 08:06AM CDT

Hi thank you

I just got a reply from officialiphoneunlock.

telling me that we proceed to cancel and refund

This Usually Takes around 4 working days.

I'll see if ok

Thank you to you


If you have any questions, please use this link to access your personal account manager:


Dear valued customer,

Your order for for 0xxxxxxxxxxxx has been cancelled and ? has been refunded back onto your card. This usually takes around 4 working days.

Sorry we couldn't help you this time, but please remember us in future





Hoc N., 2014-09-02, 10:33AM CDT

I haven't received ur reply for below question until now.

7e76538c, 2014-09-02, 06:08PM CDT

Getting a refund through my credit card DID NOT WORK. They ended up siding with the merchant and there was no way I could appeal the decision. I eventually got a refund, not sure how.. No emails from Official iPhone Unlock.. and it's been over a month. Just happy to get a refund.

7e76538c, 2014-09-02, 06:09PM CDT

Getting a refund through my credit card DID NOT WORK. They ended up siding with the merchant and there was no way I could appeal the decision. I eventually got a refund, not sure how.. No emails from Official iPhone Unlock.. and it's been over a month. Just happy to get a refund.

6851b5d8, 2014-09-03, 01:06AM CDT

Yup. These guys are ballbags. Glad to see people getting their money back from these scumbag scammers.

Somebody needs to close them down.

Business Reply  James S., 2014-09-09, 10:46AM CDT

Just read this alarming thread. If any of you have difficulty obtaining a refund, simply email me directly (James, Managing Director) at [email protected] stating your case and I'll see to it that a refund is immediately actioned. With a very large number of clients and largely relying on staff to refund where applicable, it's inevitable one or two slip through the net.

Also if you have any other issues, you can write to me there also.

bulk AT

fares b., 2014-09-11, 01:27AM CDT

Hi Mr James

I ordered you unlock iCloud. ...

Order ID: 2201187

Order ID: 2333545

Order ID: 2238355

20.00 GBP +50.00 GBP+ 49.00 GBP

I pay a total of ?119.00 GBP

all his back not possible to unlock ..

me to And Then After I purchase the service now unlock it is in contract or blacklisted. I already touch

I send email with proof [email protected]

CheckMEND clean

my iphone CLEAN IPHONE IS 100% ..

as you suggest on the website

but you mentioned on the website before purchasing satisfaction or refund

Thank you in advance for your help

fares b., 2014-09-11, 05:43PM CDT

Hi Mr james

I send you email

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

since 2 days no answer

please refund me

Order ID: 2201187

Order ID: 2333545

Order ID: 2238355

20.00 GBP +50.00 GBP+ 49.00 GBP

I pay a total of 119.00 GBP

I do not want to create problems with you

or make bad publicity over

please read and refund please


Hoc N., 2014-09-14, 01:05PM CDT

login dalpay and Get support, description of your also send a letter to the officialuphoneunlock,it not a detailed answer and do not even reply to emails you.

I also like your case and i was dalpay refunds. working poor and not respecting customers,no intention to return money.

fares b., 2014-09-12, 09:18AM CDT

Hi Mr James

thank you very much for your answer in private.

I answered you please read

Best Regards

Emiliano P., 2014-09-14, 01:05PM CDT

Hi james, have do a Order: (2311630).

Before pale order i have do a imdi check by checkmend.

The phone was of my ex girlfriend that can't give me password.

Is for his that i have use you service.

After abate 10 days you told me that is blacklisted.

Are you jocking?

Today i have do againg check of my imei and phone is 1000% clean.

I need my money back soon!!!

James, please reply to me

fares b., 2014-09-15, 10:17PM CDT

Hi Mr James

I answered you please read

Best Regards

Daniel A., 2014-09-17, 05:58AM CDT

Hey,does anybody know where to find the transaction ID in the confirmation maiil sent by dalpay after the purchase?

shahab k., 2014-09-17, 08:52AM CDT

I ordered an iphone unlock service from a UK based company named

They ripped me off and stole 19.99 British Pound from me to unlock my phone. They emailed me later and asked me for more money to complete the order. The prices are clearly stated on their web site and this is either a false advertising or a scam operation. I am a disabled person on fixed income I am hurting right now and I need my money back .

fares b., 2014-09-21, 08:02PM CDT

Hi Mr James

Thank you for the refund :)

but it does not have complete

(Order ID: 2238355 refund ok thanks :)....

(Order ID: 2333545 refund ok thanks :)....

Order ID: 2201187 (7/13/2014 10:52 p.m). ?20.00 GBP

Remain to refund : ?20.00 GBP

Best Regards

tony b., 2014-09-22, 03:52AM CDT

fares b! you are lucky, at my request a refund, Mr James stopped me to answer, I am in despair. Mr James refund me money. My Order number: 070905.2779582

tony b., 2014-10-02, 01:42AM CDT

Hi Mr James!

Thank you very much for refund, I am glad that your company is a fair and honest staff!

Dear Tony,

Support ticket P1L5U7 for order 070905.2779582 has been updated by

the DalPay support team.

Do not reply to this message, but please login to your transaction at:




Dear Mr Chornyy,

You have now been refunded in full for GBP 74.99 back to the Visa card ending 8570.

It may take 3-5 days to show up on your card statement depending on your card issuing bank, but will be

dated today.


- Jon for DalPay Retail

1-877 865 7746


DalPay Online Billing

Ben S., 2014-10-28, 06:20AM CDT

Make sure you all report them at as well as getting a charge back from your bank. The sooner they are shut down the better!

7e999195, 2014-11-29, 05:30PM CST

Mugged ....... Put me on the list

b54f3d55, 2014-12-01, 11:00AM CST

Total scam they charge me 79,99 gbp and after they failed to unlock they answer me that they will not refund me and there is nothing I can do..someone should take this fake site down soon

b54f3d55, 2014-12-01, 01:49PM CST

James please help us to take our money back and we are going to make you a statue;)

164de9ef, 2015-01-10, 01:56AM CST

I ordered a factory unlock on friday up to now the iz no respone

20de304d, 2015-01-06, 04:32AM CST

>I preordered my iphone unlock for 20 pounds, after I paid I got a

>message saying that when my unlock is available I will be required to

>pay the remaining balance. Through the purchase process I did never

>see any of this info, it looked totally as if 20 pounds was the final price.

>When I asked the for a refund this is the answer I got "We cannot

>supply a refund for the Pre-Orders?"

It doesn't matter what may claim -- Nochex or DalPay will refund your money for unfulfilled pre-orders if hasn't.

Pre-orders are always refundable -- not only under EU Distance Selling Regulations but under the card scheme rules -- it's just common sense! If you paid for something you didn't receive you can get your money back.

(Reading this thread and follow-ups closely you will see that people here who complained to either Nochex or DalPay got refunded.)

If you locate your order number Nochex or DalPay (depending on who you used*) can follow up to get you a refund.

*P.S. It seems that if you used Stripe you can't get help from them so easily as they only have the merchant's name on the billing descriptor that appears on your card statement, not Stripe -- except for AMEX charges. So you wouldn't know that you had used a Stripe sub-merchant, and will have to rely on the more time consuming chargeback process with your card issuer to get the money back.

e5ce6653, 2015-01-26, 08:18AM CST is nothing but a scam. 79.99? is how much I payed for a service requested September 1st last year!!! I was prepared to wait for it to be fulfilled but after a month and half "on hold" and a couple of messages asking for a clarification and approximate timeframe (all unanswered) I got fed up and asked for a refund through their support page and dalpay.

5 messages through dalpay, about 10 in their support page and a couple of emails to all addresses I could reach and the only reply was an automated reply in dalpay to use the support page that has so many unanswered messages. 4 months in, 1 month trying to be refunded and nothing!

It is a fraud. They talk to you until you pay, after you do you never will hear from them again. Avoid lost time and money and move on because this site is a scam.

e382005a, 2015-01-31, 12:13PM CST

same problem here!

As a goodwill gesture, you have been refunded ?59.99 (the total amount, including pre-order) in Trade Credits for this unsuccessful unlock.

This amount can now be used against unlocking this device using our Premium Service (or any other device) by simply using our website as normal and entering the email address '[email protected]' at the checkout stage when purchasing to avail this discount.

Our Worldwide (blocked) service can unlock any iPhone model regardless of Blocked/Blocked or In-Contract status, including your iPhone 5 013418xxxxxxx

676d54c5, 2015-03-05, 09:05AM CST

I tried the refund the amount through Nochex but it seems they are working together with them. So Nochex and both of them are scam companies.

I suggest everyone to report this fraud at - this is the official UK police site. You can report this situation if you're not in the UK. Nochex and Official iPhone Unlock Ltd are in the UK. So please report it!

df81f2d5, 2015-03-25, 11:53PM CDT

I'm absolutely treat the site as a famous site. But they gave me a trap.

First, I checked Ip5 for unlocking, they give the payment about 19.99 pound

Then, they emailed with second prize 29.99 pound more, I surprise with the payment but I keep believe in them and continue with the second of payment.

Unlucky for me, they back to the third times with 69 pound payment more, This is aghast to me because the trap.

50 + 69 pound might not a big one to people, but it show a case of stolen from End Users.

There is no problem with my ip5 locking, it's about prize are so high. And I cannot obtain the third payment to them(109 pound for unlocking ip5 - it's so unreasonable).

109 pound for unlocking the ip5 or they said they cannot return me money over two previous time. Do you think this great site treat like a thief?

Surprise that the web site had the money without doing unlocking ip5, without return back money, without trouble? And directly from End Users.

I'm a new bie and I did believe in them. That's really surprise a web site form UK/British did that??

thank you for reading me. If you can learn some trap from the web site. It's my lesson too.

231c7681, 2015-03-30, 03:56PM CDT

Again I have reported to the police online fraud team, hopefully sooner or later they will be shut down. They take your money through Nochex and they just scam

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