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Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 8:36pm CDT by jeff m.

Product: Plumber

Company: Jim's Pasadena Plumbing

Location: 3609 E Colorado Blvd

Category: Products, Services


James Rutledge is the owner of Jim's Pasadena Plumbing and I will never use him again. He came to my house to clear a clog, but had problems with his equipment. He was not able to complete the job. The clog was not cleared. After more than a week of calling he finally promised to come back to finish the job. He lied. He never showed up, and he never called. He did however send a bill for $86. I called to ask why he was sending a bill for work that he never did, and he sent me another bill for over $400. My only option now seems to be to file a complaint against his bond with the contractors board.

This is a true statement and I warn you with this story.

An update to this story - We filed a formal complaint with the Contractors State License Board and after many months the issue was resolved. Jim's Pasadena Plumbing paid $1600 for cost associated with removing their cable line and repairing the damage they caused. In addition, they retracted all bills they had sent.


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cookie p., 2013-04-18, 08:43PM CDT

I give them a very poor rating. They broke my pipe and got a snake stuck, then cut the snake off inside the pipe and left. He promised to return but never did. I had to have the snake removed.

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