Capel Rugs Inc - Inferior product quality

Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 2:39pm CDT by Geri V.

Product: Capel Rugs Creative Concepts Collection

Company: Capel Rugs Inc

Location: Troy, NC 27371
TROY, NC, 27371, US


Category: Home, Garden

In November 2012, VDG ordered 13 rugs from Capel Inc, which totaled $12,281.25 with inland freight. They were then installed in various client's villas throughout Grand Isle Resort, Exuma, BA in February 2013. Within 2 weeks of the initial install, I began to receive complaints from my clients regarding the rugs quality/look. The furniture was leaving unsightly indentations in the rugs when it was moved and the indentations would not come out. I immediately contacted the Capel Showroom in Atlanta, where I had ordered the rugs and explained the problem along with sending photos. Getting a reply that I should have "put furniture leg coasters under the furniture to prevent this" and not being satisfied with that answer, along with further complaints from several more clients, I again made a case to Capel about the problem with the rugs, sending further photos and describing the lengths we had gone through to try and remove these indentations (in one case from a rug that we were JUST installing and simply shifting furniture to center it on the newly placed rug). Today, I received a letter from Capel stating that they will not entertain my complaint based on "no indication that their product has a manufacturing defect". The photos clearly show the defect, which is that the fiber in the rug is not "furniture friendly". Had I been advised prior to ordering these rugs that "furniture coasters" would have been necessary to avoid issues (which by the way, we tried and they just made even bigger indentations that wouldn't come out) - I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT THESE PARTICULAR RUGS TO INSTALL IN THESE MULTI MILLION DOLLAR VILLAS!!! Further, I am a 25+ year veteran of the interior design field - my clients sign Proposals with photos/descriptions of the merchandise they are about to purchase, almost always AFTER they have seen samples of the product. I am versed in unwarranted customer concerns and fully capable of "disarming" a client that has an unjustified complaint. We all looked at the sample of the rug that Capel sent to us and between it and the description of the rug from the manufacturer, were given NO indication that they would be any potential issue to deal with once we obtained these rugs. I CAN NOT stand in front of my clients and in all good conscious tell them that there is nothing wrong with these rugs. They look like hell and need to be replaced! In addition to the initial cost of the rugs, overseas shipping/handling AND 45% Bahamian Duty was paid to get these rugs to my clients. I am now in the process of replacing all the rugs at my further expense due to Capel not standing behind it's product. It was very clearly explained to Capel in the beginning the expectation of the product I needed given the project's particular set of circumstances and I relied on them to sell me an appropriate product for thus. I have photos and letters from angry and dissatisfied clients that do not believe they got what they paid for and because I as a business owner that stands behind what I sell, I am left holding the proverbial bag. I am a small business - Capel is a large corporation!

Also wanted to add - in my career, I have installed rugs literally all over the US and Caribbean. I have installed $100.00 rugs and I have installed $15,000.00 rugs. NOT once, was I told I had to use "furniture coasters" to keep the rug looking good (which I will reiterate, I was never told BRFORE I ordered these rugs from Capel). I don't know about most folks that buy Capel rugs, but we don't use "furniture coasters" in multi million dollar homes!


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