Toro / Kohler - Toro Recycler 22" front drive with 149cc Kohler

Posted on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 at 10:41am CDT by disgruntled c.

Product: lawn mower 22" front drive

Company: Toro / Kohler

Location: US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I mow my own grass, a rarity in Florida. I owned a craftsman 22" self propelled mower for 13 years with no issues until the drive broke. It had a very dependable Briggs-Stratton engine that started first pull every time. Last spring I purchased a Toro Recycler, 22" front drive with a 149cc Kohler engine. What a piece of crap. Words in bold print on front of mower "Guaranteed to Start". The only thing guaranteed about this machine is it's ability to start raising your blood pressure. Less than a year old and WILL NOT start even with starting fluid. Called the store that I bought it from and they gave no guarantees and told me to contact Toro.


1cc477b3, 2013-11-29, 03:53PM CST

Abhorrent product that cannot withstand ethanol and even semi-cold climates

A lawnmower needs to do two things - start and cut grass. After only 6 months, the mower had to be serviced because (atleast I'm told), I was storing the mower with too much gas in the tank, not using enough stabilizer, and not using the mower frequently enough (I mow once a month). Well, I corrected all of those things and yes, running the mower atleast once a week even though I had no grass to cut. I went 6 more months after the first service of having to pull the cord 30 times before it starts, using enough stabilizer to fill a swimming pool, and wasting gas by running the mower so no gas would be stored in the tank for more than week, the engine now can't keep a start after only a single week of 50 - 65 degree weather in the early mornings. Now after a year and one service and following an obscene amount of instructions, it doesn't start again.

Jack G., 2014-08-29, 02:05PM CDT

I have this Kohler Toro lawnmower and it cuts and starts well, but there is one major issue: its ridiculous gas reservoir cap. There is simply no way to make it tight and it drips gas all the time you mow. It looks like something designed by an overeager "safety nut", one of those modern (mostly liberal) things that make life so annoying today.

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