Verizon Wireless - Outright dishonesty

Posted on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 at 3:04pm CDT by Marc D.

Product: Phone PLan

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: one Verizon Way


Category: Telecommunications

As a Canadian resident with an American business entity I have utilized Verizon Wireless since 2005. We recently upgraded to smart phones and were told a share all plan was the best for us. Unknown to us even though we informed the vendor of our residency is the plan is only good in the US. Therefore in order to get data in Canada you pay a base 30.00 charge plus 25.00 a month for 100mb of data. You can not opt out of the 30.00 charge even if you do not want data. Therefore we are being asked to pay 720.00 a year for something we cannot use. WOW!!! isn't that great business sense. After nine years with Verizon time to change carrier. Don't like dealing with thieves.

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Robert F., 2014-09-14, 04:04PM CDT

I have a verizon account .we started this over a year ago .i was informed by friends and wife to not open an account with verizon .Well what little did they know I had opened it one day before I told any one that I made a big mistake I know that now.Wife said you will regret ,and was very upset with me because I did not listen . Well sure enought. I closed are other phone account . Thinking the sales rep with verizon had made me a great deal . With me and I really believed her ,Called and told them on the phone and VERIZON PUT A DEAF EAR ON ME.She flat out lied and caused me problems at home and did not deliver on the agreement.i was told that if I dropped the wireless carrier I was with I would get unlimited data no contract and insurance was in my monthly was not. That was one. Of the biggest disappointments .for a flat out lie.still does not end we told them we had problem after problem with the 2nd phone.they never called to see if the phone was ok are credit my bill for not being able to use the phone was not working for a month ,than they finally sent phone two replace than it did not work saying it was new it was not it is refurbish .Said it was new than sent two more and did not work .we have insurance now because we had to get the local verizon to honer .NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO BILL ME FOR A PHONE WE SENT BACK TO THEM.$ 499.00 NOW I HAVE INSURANCE SO WOULD IT MAKE ANY SINCE TO KEEP A PHONE THAT I HAVE INSURANCE WITH .OR PAY $ 499.00 ITS A NO BRAINER THESE EMPOLYEES ARE TRAINED TO LIE JUST ENOUGH TO GET YOUR BUSINESS . So my advice is DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH VERIZON IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH ANOTHER WIRELESS CARRIER.THEY WILL PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING TO GET YOUR BUSINESS AND WILL NOT DELIVER ON THERE PROMISE. MY ATTY. Has informed me to get all the pepole that I know that has worked for VERIZON AND HAS HAD ACCOUNT WITH THEM .SO FAR I GOT THREE EX EMPOLYEES AND 9 UPSET CUSTOMERS . Thanks AND PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE HAD THE SAME PROBLEMS OR ANY WITH VERIZON CALL MY PHONE 423-591-3066 or 423- 320-6543.

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