Double Js Smokehouse and Saloon - Stuck in the 1950s

Posted on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 at 11:06pm CDT by eea8572f

Product: Restaurant

Company: Double Js Smokehouse and Saloon

Location: 124 GE Patterson Ave
MEMPHIS, TN, 38103, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

My husband and I went to Double Js on a Tuesday night. They sat us at a table in the back away from everyone even though that night they were having a trivia game night and there were seats in the front. At first I thought it was b/c there were only 2 of us until the couple that came in behind us (white) got seated closer to the front. When we asked about it, they said that the couple "asked" to sit there. Our server went to that couple and took their order first, and when we inquired about that, she said that she had mistakenly forgotten about us. The bartender came over and gave us free drinks for our "trouble." Then, one of the trivia questions, as if on que, was "which comedian once referred to himself as a token black." So, we brushed it off and continued to sit there. During this time, another white couple came in and they sat them towards the front also. My husband had ordered a salad and was expecting it to come out first. As we sat there for what seemed like forever, he finally asked the server about our order and she finally brought it out. Only she brought all of HIS food out, including his salad, but neglected to bring mine. So after about 10 minutes and my husband asking again, my food came out. The food was cold, of course, but, that isnt the worst part. I was beginning to think that maybe we were just having a bad experience when 2 black, gay men walked in and they sat them in the table behind us! We were the only 4 people in the back section and the only black people in the restaurant. When we told the owner, he apologized/denied it, etc. However there was no offer to pay for our food. So, I am probably doing him a favor by telling my fellow african americans to stay away....on second thought let's all go at once!!


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