Virgin Mobile - Pay Lo Wireless phone replaced but they sent me a phone with a bad ESN!!!

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013 at 11:36am CDT by Ali T.

Product: Pay Lo Wireless through Virgin Mobile

Company: Virgin Mobile

Location: VA, US

Category: Consumer Electronics

A month ago my PayLo phone quit charging. I called and they said it was a problem with the phone and then said they'd send me a new one. They said it would be at my home in 3 to 5 business days. I had no phone in ten days. I called them back and they said the "system" had cancelled my order! Okay, so they sent another replacement phone. It was a different phone and I called back to tell them and they said they could not send a battery and charger with it. So, I made about five more calls over two weeks to get a phone, and charger and battery. Then, I try to register my phone on the network. I got an error so I called tech support. I've been making one phone call every other day at this point to try to get this phone to register on the network. I'm sure it's a problem with the Serial Number not being available in the pool of numbers they can register on the network. Dumb shit that happens from the get go, that no regular tech support person can deal with it, they have to "escalate" my call. So far I've been escalated for four days and no one has called me. I get hung up on for telling these people that I cannot spend an hour and a half on the phone every day with them! I'm taking care of my dying father and a) I need my phone, b) I need to be off the phone to care for him and c) they should really get my phone working. The last time I asked to speak with a manager they hung up on me. I guess they get fired for complaints, huh? Let's hope Richard Bransons pilots aren't as ineffective as these people, because the poor dude's plane will crash!!!!!


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