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Posted on Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at 12:23am CDT by bbb8cea9

Company: find my organizer

Location: US


Category: Internet Services is not only a scam for individuals looking for organizers but also a scam for innocent people or companies that use this pitiful site for advertisement. For people or companies advertising will not be seen by using online search engines. But they do not tell you that. Instead. They tease you with fake names and locations of prospects. However you have to pay 49 dollars for their phone number and or address. Again this is not mentioned prior to placing an ad with them. Then you have individuals looking for workers. Now they are not charged. But the people that do end up paying to place an ad ARE NOT SCREENED. There was a situation in Iowa where an individual used findmyorganizer and was killed. So please be very careful using this site


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Business Reply  Sean P., 2013-11-12, 03:14PM CST

This complaint is utter fabrication. is one of the most respected consumer resource guides available on the Web. Use any search engine (Google, etc) and search for professional organizers anywhere in the USA and my website will appear at or near the top of search results. I am a small business owner and I conduct myself ethically and morally in all areas of my website publishing business. The above complaint is more than likely the result of someone lacking professionalism in their own industry, who has misinterpreted and therefore misrepresented how I conduct business online.

dbddc615, 2013-11-12, 07:34PM CST

Well seeing that you are the one making money from this scam site, of course you are going to lie and say good things about it.

Lee M., 2015-02-19, 12:36PM CST

As a professional organizer and concierge/personal assistant and member of this site i can tell you that it is NOT a scam. I have gotten leads through this site.I was trying to find out how people find personal assistants so I google "personal assistant cedar crest" (which is a town near me). This site came up first, so I signed up.

My only complaint is that those seeking to hire are in a hurry and jobs are already gone by the time I call. Im surprised that people hire so quickly, often choosing the first applicant, without even talking to others. Frustrating for me. But the site is what it claims to be.

As far as the safety factor, this site is no less and no more safe than any other. I would recommend googling a person before you hire them and/or checking references.

Also, keep in mind that there have been maybe what, like 3 serial killer females in the history of the world? So hire a woman and lower your chances by 95% or more of being killed.

I have been scammed and wasted lots of money as a consumer and as a biz owner. I can honestly say that this site is one of the few that is NOT a scam.

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