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Posted on Sunday, April 14th, 2013 at 4:13pm CDT by lh7179

Company: Westgate Travel Club

Location: US

Category: Scam Contests

I've read several reviews and complaints on the Westgate Travel Club. I fortunately did not buy a timeshare from them. But I did sign an agreement for the Vacation Sampler Package which entitles me to a vacation at one of their resorts after paying off the $645 that it costs. Several reviews I read stated that they didn't even receive this vacation that was promised to them. It got me nervous so I just sent a request for cancellation on my package. I'm hoping that since it has only been a few days from the signing, they will comply.

What got me more nervous is the complaints that Westgate opened a line of credit from Bank of America in their name. Bank of America then charges several fees to these people. I did have to show a credit card at the time of the presentation that I attended. But I'm not sure how to find out if any line of credit has been opened in my name.

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Eva C., 2013-04-18, 11:37AM CDT

Well, at least you didn't buy a timeshare, but now you're stuck with this vacation package, which you should be able to cancel, especially if you did it a few days from the signing. You should still contact the resort to reafirm your decision. I also recommend you to read these articles about timeshare scams and how to get out of them:


good luck with everything!

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