QVC - Very Poor Customer Service & Ordering Process

Posted on Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 4:15pm CDT by KarR20 R.

Product: Toshiba Satellite S875

Company: QVC

Location: QVC 100 QVC Boulevard, Rocky Mount, NC, 27815


Category: Online Shopping


I have never made a complaint such as this but I have myself feeling the need to share my experience with others.

In 2009 I placed an order with QVC for a laptop computer on their easy pay program. I had never ordered from them before but the process was quick, easy and painless.

However, I called on March 25th of this year to place an order for an other computer but it all went horribly wrong.

First of all I told the "customer service" agent that I would be using a different credit card than I did in 2009 and that it was my boyfriends card. I was told this would not be a problem.

Like before I received an email about my order but this time it simply said to "Contact CS" and so I did just that.

I called the number provided and followed the prompts that seemed most logical. I was only told that my order was "Shipping" and would arrive April 9th. So, I assumed everything was okay and that "Contact CS" just meant they wanted me to know my order was "shipping". I even called back to follow the prompts to rather my payment had been accepted and all it said was "this is not a check". Um, okay. All good I guess.

April 2nd comes and by 3:30 the item had not arrived. So, I called only to be told my order had been canceled. I asked why. Well, I was told many things. First of all the card I used is a "prepaid" card which they do not accept but when I called to place the order the person did NOT ask me what type of credit card I was using. So, in my opinion this was their first mistake and not mine as they do not have this listed on their website. Not to mention I am about 90% certain my boyfriend ordered his computer with this same card in 2012.

An other reason I believed my order was indeed actually "shipping" is because they had taken the payment out of my boyfriends account/off his credit card. It wasn't in queue it had been taken.

I was also told that "corporate" basically had to decide rather I was worthy of their 6 pay program because I was a new customer. I said that I was not a new customer and they just told me they could see my account and knew I had ordered on easy pay in 2009 but they still could not tell me why I was now being considered to be a new customer.

They said they called and left a message on my voice mail about the payment problem. First of all they did not call until 5 days after I placed the order and secondly I had told them I was having phone problems and that email was pretty much the only certain way to reach me about my order. I was never told they would not leave payment information in an email or in my online account. I think they should have asked for a secondary phone number if email would be a problem for them. However, they still found it fit to blame me. I listened to their message which was not fully recorded because of my phone problems and basically they just said to "Contact CS" of which I have already explained how that went.

In my opinion I think that when I called I should have been immediately redirected to a human being that could have let me know that my order had been canceled. Or at the very least I should have been redirected to a message that explained the payment problem. And by the way, why did it take 5 days for them to realize the card was a prepaid card? Wouldn't one think in this day and age such information would be readily available.

So, after I got them to agree that I was already a customer (which still doesn't make any sense because in 2009 I was not an established customer but they accepted my 6 pay request without being told I needed to be vetted), I placed the order again and again it was a nightmare to place the order.

Well, about 1/2 hour later I had a bad feeling and so I called them again to check on my order. Much to my dismay my order had been canceled again! I asked why and again I was told that I was a new customer and therefore I did not qualify for the easy pay program. Well, as you can imagine I was a bit upset at this point and I did not give up until they recognized that I was an established customer. I asked how often I needed to order something from them to be considered a customer but I was never given an answer. I also asked if their ordering policy had changed since 2009 regarding their "easy" pay but I was not given an answer. I was however, told I was making things too complicated.

So, for the third time I placed the order. I checked my account on their website and my account would only say that it was in "Process" and so I called again to ask what that meant. I was told it means that it is in "Process" and I asked what does "In Process" mean exactly and again I was told that corporate is deciding rather they will sell me the item because I had ordered on a new account. I asked how I made a new account when I had made certain when I first called to let them know I had ordered in the past but they would still not explain it to me. I asked if by resetting my pin number and email if a new account was made and they could not answer me. I asked if they made the new account and they could not tell me. I asked how long it would take to close one account so that my order could go through and basically I was just told they did not know but rest assured my order was in "process" ... um, okay whatever that means.

When I first called in March to order the computer I did explain that I had no idea which email I used and that I could not recall my pin number. One would think they would have explained that a new account would be made, I would then be a new customer, I would need to be vetted again and so forth. But no they did not explain anything to me because obviously collecting money means more to them than serving their customers with respect.

I called and checked my online account several times a day and all my account would say is that the order was in "process" and the expected delivery day was April the 9th. The status this time did not say "shipping" which was also confusing.

I checked my bank account several times a day and for about a week the first payment was in queue. Then one day I checked and it was no longer in queue and so I again called QVC. I asked why they money had been taken out of queue and guess what? That is right ... I could not be told why and all I was told is that my order is in process!

I am very sorry this is so long but bare with me I am almost done.

A few more useless and nightmarish phone calls later I am finally told my order is "about" to ship but can you believe they still could not give me an actual day?!

At last on April 11th my computer arrived!! Yeaa!! It is here!! I open the box I am finally feeling that excitement one gets when they receive something they have worked long and hard to afford. I start the setup process and ... the computer freezes! Okay, no problem I do a hard restart and then proceed to set it up but it freezes again and again. So, I call QVC and they have no tech support and so I call Toshiba. Well, I will spare you the nightmare of dealing with Toshiba but will tell you that in the end the computer turned out to be a total DUD!! Yes, that is right after all I went through they shipped me a broken computer! Toshiba told me a brand new computer should not freeze up and that I needed to do a system reinstall. They said it would take just 45 minutes but it took 7 1/2 hours and in the end ... the hard drive was 100% wiped clean!!

For the last 3 1/2 years I have worked 16 hours a day to build a new advertising and marketing business. I also provide logo design, other graphics and video services. My current laptop has no sound, the F1 to Print Screen keys do not work and other problems and so I have not been able to fill order for videos. Because the first time I ordered from QVC was quick and painless I over estimated how long it would take to arrive and then told many customers I would be able to fill their orders. Well, thanks to QVC I have lost those customers.

I cannot believe how badly I was treated through this whole process. At one point I received a letter back from "customer"service" that pretty much blamed me for the entire situation. I suppose it is my fault for not having E.S.P. and for not knowing what to ask when I first placed the order.

What a nightmare! If I did not need an easy pay program at this point and if it were for personal and not business purposes I would have canceled the order and asked for my money back. But one thing is for certain and that is I will NEVER order so much as a pair of socks from QVC ever again!

Thank you so very very much for your time. Your website is greatly and wholeheartedly appreciated!!


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