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Posted on Thursday, April 11th, 2013 at 9:34pm CDT by Evelyn H.

Company: American Furniture Warehouse

Location: 4711 Dillon Dr
PUEBLO, CO, 81008-5169, US

Category: Furniture

March 29, 2013 I visited American Furniture Warehouse in Pueblo Colorado.

I was in the market for New Living Room Furniture...I researched their website and found the furniture I wanted to purchase. I drove the 56 miles from my home to actually see and test out the sofa and love seat I had chosen.

I was quite satisfied with the merchandise I finally found. Not once did a salesperson approach me and ask if they could help.

I went over to the service desk and ask if I could get some help, Aaron McGahan was willing to help. I took him over to the furniture I was looking to purchase, I knew more about it then the he did; i.e. mfg, American made, type of wood and fabric used. Like I said I had searched it out in depth before going down to see it.

I decided it was what I wanted, we then looked for some end tables and coffee table to go with it. Finally found ones that I had also researched on web. I purchased the sofa, love seat, and tables. Aaron did say the love seat was on back order but was due in April 4th. we agreed to delivery date of April 25th.

After returning home, I made some more measuring and realized the coffee table was going to be way to big for the space I had. I called Aaron and he was out for the day. Customer service helped me with cancel the coffee table and add an additional end table.

Closer to the 4th of April I called Aaron to see if the love seat had come in and he said yes it had and they could deliver on the 11th of April. Which would have been great, but I could not get anyone to move old furniture out at that time. So I called back and Aaron was not available so I told them I needed to make sure the delivery date was still April 25th. I also changed my order to different tables that I had found that would work better.

Customer service added these tables to my order and said they would tie it to the original order. April 25th was still scheduled deliver date.

April 10th, AFW called to say my furniture was ready for delivery on April 11th, I explained that we had planned on April 25th and could they leave it at that date as I was not sure I could get anyone on that short of notice to move old furniture.

I was informed that is was already on the truck and could not be changed.

So I hurried to call and see if I could get someone on short notice to move old furniture. I found some people to come, called Tara back and told her I had found someone to help.

They called a second time on April 10th to confirm the delivery of my furniture. A third phone call indicated they would be here April 11th between 10am and 2pm.

April 11th I received a call around 9:30am indicating they would be here in 30 minutes with my furniture order.

About 10 minutes to 10 they arrived, we were ready all the old furniture had been removed. The delivery guys said we have your furniture order, 2 end tables and coffee table. I said and sofa and love seat? He said no we have no sofa or love seat. He looks at the order with the tables and clearly says TIE TO ORIGINAL ORDER # 522965210. which was the original sofa and love seat order #.

He called someone and came back in the house and said love seat was still on Back Order. I called Aaron and talked to him regarding the conversation we had where he said love seat had come in and they could deliver on the 11th. I explained to him the situation here, that all the old furniture had been moved out and I had paid the movers.

He transferred me to customer service and the gal in customer service did not want to hear anything I had to say, all she could say is the love seat in on backorder and delivery date was April 25th. She was very rude and hateful to me, so needless to say I cancelled the entire order. I apologized to the delivery drivers for having to take back the tables and the trip they had made out here.

I called several other furniture companies and ended up buying my furniture elsewhere. Not exactly what I originally wanted but it is nice furniture, courteous salespeople and delivered it to me within an hour and half from the time I purchased it.

I can not believe the treatment I received from AFW in Pueblo and I hope others do not have the same experience I have had. I am out the expense of having old furniture moved out on short notice and than not receiving what I was informed was being delivered.

We are older people and husband is totally disabled and under hospice care. He did not need all the stress we were put through today by AFW.

Evelyn Hardy

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505b2219, 2013-05-31, 10:52PM CDT

As being the sales person described in this account, I will have to clarify a few points. As far as no one approaching Evelyn I cannot say, but it was I who approached her she didn't not have to seek anyone out. Her account of me not knowing the furniture manufacturer ect is also false. There are hundreds of peices of furniture on our floor; I pride myself on knowing the important facts of almost every piece. It was I who pointed out benefits of the particular piece she chose. Such as how to clean the fabric, the particular fabric it was made of ect. I also pointed out the removable cushions, the fill of the back-rest and the zipper opening to be able to adjust the fill. Never was there a moment that I was at a disadvantage of her being more knowlegable than I. Why inform the already informed? A bit over kill I'd say. The entire process went smooth picking the tables and such. She does however neglect to mention it was I who showed her tables that would complement her selection of upholstery. In fact I showed her multiple sets as we walked for the better part of 45 mins before she made her selection. She was properly informed of the back order date for the love seat and was noted on the receipt. The process of delivery was explained, and how the picking of the date was up to her but not a time. We chose the 25th because it was convenient for her and the back order date of the love seat would most likely fill. The reselection of table and whatnot is more than likely as she describes, as she stated it was my day off. After a few days the back order on the love seat filled and I called her as a courtesy as I do all my customers. I told her the love seat had filled and I could deliver on the 11th if she wanted. In which she told me that would be fine. So that is what I did. Its curious to how small mishaps are remembered but the niceties are always forgotten. I was courteous, genuine, and honest. It is one thing to be upset over small things, but an all together another to discredit and rather insult someone. She again neglects to mention the rather flagrant way she spoke to me on the phone, as well seemingly forgetting that it was her that chose that day for delivery. There are always 2 sides to a coin. This is a curious was to divulge being upset. But alas it is the day of the internet and every voice has to be herd. It is too bad the hundreds of very happy and even impressed customers I have don't write on here. Her testimony would be a scant blip in the background. At the end of the day, I always remind myself; "That its just furniture, and we are not saving lives here." A lesson true that many many people I meet should remember.

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