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Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 at 9:14pm CDT by Mike M.

Product: Asset Specialists

Company: Veil Corporate

Location: 1042 south jordan gateway, ste 600 south jordan, ut 84095


Category: Business, Finances

In September of 2012 at a Summit seminar put on by Dean Graziosi, we were introduced to Mr Bud Hopkins of Veil Corporate. I was impressed by Bud's intelligence as he educated us on the importance of structuring our real estate investment businesses.

I have never seen a scam on the scale of Dean Grazosi. The seminar is held in Vegas, my partner and I were flown down and accommodated just for being part of Dean's program, which only cost $15,000+! Once your at the seminar you at the mercy of some very sharp sales people.At the end of Bud Hopkins segment he was very insistent that we all needed to sign up with his company to ensure we would be protected from being sued. We did not know at the time that we were on a dead end road, and in fact would never even earn a penny! We were mislead by Dean's slick sales team.

We now realize we the chance of us making any money is virtually impossible, so why would we need asst protection? We paid Veil Corp $4,095. for a system we can never use.

We are asking for $3,000 back, the rest they can keep for their trouble.

I have had no response back from Veil's customer service, so here I am placing this complaint.

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Mike M., 2013-04-18, 04:55PM CDT

I would like to apologize to Dean Graziosi for my harsh comments, I get impatient with slow customer service. Dean's group has addressed my concerns to my satisfaction and is helping me get back on track. I appreciate them taking the time to work with me and I hope to see you in Vegas shortly!

I still have not heard back from Veil Corporate.

Mike M

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