Vodacom - Wrong info on products

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 at 9:08am CDT by Johan v.

Product: Telecom

Company: Vodacom

Location: Vodacomworld, Midrand

URL: www.vodacom.co.za

Category: Telecommunications

In the second week of March 2013, I did a cellphone upgrade at Vodacom shop at Vodacomworld Midrand. Before I did the upgrade I spoke to the consultants at the shop and ask if the device (Blackberry Z10 stl100-1)is 4GLTE compatable and he confirmed that it was. After 2weeks of calls to the customer data support trying to get the device working on the 4G network I booked it in at the repair centre at Vodacomworld.Two weeks later they replaced the device but still no 4G network. After I further investigated the issue I found out that the device Vodacom give me was not compatable with the 4G network and now I am sitting with a device that I was told had this feature and I want an refund/exchance for a 4G handset that I applied for in the first place. Due to inexperianced people I had to travel up and down and was left without a device for 2weeks and still sitting with a product that I did not order.


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