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Posted on Sunday, April 7th, 2013 at 1:14pm CDT by Sandra

Product: calling on behalf of Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Company: Innovative Teleservices

Location: 2740 Pine Grove Port Huron, MI 48060


Category: Telemarketing

This company is a telemarketing company who gets hired by "charities" to solicit donations for them, in this case, I was first contacted in February of this year, and asked to make a "donation" to help make gift baskets for children with leukemia. The original caller ID said "Childhood Leukemia Foundation" with a phone number of 678-528-8000. I told them I would make a donation, and to send paperwork. After I hung up the phone I did some research, because I had a feeling it was a scam, and found out that this company, Innovative Teleservices, actually keeps about 85% of the "donation", and only a small fraction goes to the actual "charity".

I get phone calls from the company several times a day, every day. The calls come through as "Out of Area" with the phone number being listed as "1". I have asked them several times to stop calling me, and to take me off their call list, but they keep calling.

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

807 Mantoloking Rd

Ste 100

Brick, NJ 08723

(732) 920-8860


Janet O., 2013-11-08, 12:26PM CST

They call me every day too. I do not have caller ID so I did not know where it was coming from. I have told them they have the wrong number. They keep asking me for "Ken", my name is not Ken. I do not want to say my name here or they may read this and start asking for me.

B K., 2015-04-22, 04:10PM CDT

I work for innovative. I too do not agree with 12% going to the charity. But then again the charity doesn't spend money but as a fundraiser we spend money for mailing, employees, telephone, bills for electricity water and heat so I see. I mean if the charity wasn't OK with it, then why would they keep us working for them?

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