Whirlpool Corporation - New wall oven has cracked porcelain on bottom

Posted on Sunday, April 7th, 2013 at 5:44pm CDT by a8ba3aac

Product: whirlpool wall oven

Company: Whirlpool Corporation

Location: US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I have used this oven less than a dozen times. I noticed hairline cracks all over the bottom. The porcelain is actually bubbled and there are so many cracks that it looks like a spider web.

This is still under warranty. The dealer sent a technician, who took pictures. They submitted it to the tech department at Whirlpool. The response:

The technician at Whirlpool said "this crazing of porcelain is normal and is cosmetic"

Who is he kidding? I have never seen an oven do this, in 50 years of cooking, and neither has the dealer's technician.

If it were normal to have the oven surface cracking, then we would see it all the time. . This oven is defective. There is no replacement part and Whirlpool is ignoring this. It will continue to crack, and this is not acceptable in anyone's oven. This was expensive, and the construction is clearly shoddy. They should replace the oven.


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John K., 2014-09-04, 09:08AM CDT

Same exact problem, our less than one year old (still under warranty) oven is cracking and porcelain is actually coming off the oven floor. Same scenario. I called Whirlpool, they sent out a technician. he took pictures, sent them into whirlpool. They said it is only cosmetic? WTH? When my $1,700 oven finally rusts through because there is no porcelain to protect the extra thin (cheap) steel, then what? I was told they cannot replace the interior on this model you can only replace the entire oven...who designs such a piece of crap?

a8ba3aac, 2014-09-04, 09:25AM CDT

Love your question, John. Who designs such a piece of crap?

We now know that it is Whirlpool. They are unapologetic and are skirting the unacceptability of this cracking by calling it cosmetic.

My question; Is there a consumer advocacy who will take this on? We may have the same wall unit. Mine is model # WOC54EC0AS00, microwave/oven combo.

John K., 2014-09-04, 10:03AM CDT

They tried blamed mine on us putting foil in the bottom of the oven. I am thinking of filing a BBB Complaint against Whirlpool.

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