Rahul Arora - Pdc Cheque given 3 times and not given clearing

Posted on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 at 1:47pm CDT by R.K S.

Product: Advertisement of website

Company: Rahul Arora

Location: Freedom4 travel OFFICE NO-108, MP MALL, 1 FLOOR, PITAMPURA,NEAR GOPAL MANDIR Delhi, Delhi 110085

URL: http://www.freedom4travel.com

Category: Internet Services

Here Mr Rahul Arora-9810725550, Giving cheque of pdc three times of very small amount Rs 28085/but they get bouced and his accountant Abhishek conferm to deposit it... but MR arora already stopped ..they waste my time 3 times and dont have humanity ..he was not a trustworthy person in his cabin lord sai ram is sitting but he is totally froud...i wished to god if he dont undertand the importance of person hard work and time then visitors/tourist dont trust they also make you fool..and i suggest all ad agency,news portals etc dont take pdc cheque because they never cleared and your time and work both are totally waste....Mr Rahul Arora never feel to others importance of time,,,i also pray to sai ram if he humilate to others then please you never fulfill his wishes and desires....


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